Newsletter 05 | 2021

Newsletter 05 | 2021

Unfortunately, big parts of the world still remain locked down or are struggling with very restrictive travel regulations limiting international travellers’ access to many beautiful places. However, we have just recently returned from our second trip to South Africa in the past 6 months.

Newsletter 04  |  2021

Newsletter 04 | 2021

Another month has gone by and most countries still decide to remain closed or very restricted in terms of international visitors being able to travel and hunt. This is of course very frustrating to those of us that want to travel and have their lives return back to somewhat normal again.

Newsletter 03  |  2021

Newsletter 03 | 2021

As most countries still remain closed or very restricted in terms of international visitors being able to travel and hunt, there are however a few destinations like for example Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Mexico that are continuing to welcome hunters for some great hunting adventures on foreign hunting grounds.

Newsletter 02  |  2021

Newsletter 02 | 2021

With many parts of the world still being locked down and only very few countries open for unrestricted travel, the uncertainty of what this year will bring makes planning for future adventures inherently more difficult. However, apart from the countries currently open for travel, one should even consider scheduling future hunts in other parts of the world.

Newsletter 01  |  2021

Newsletter 01 | 2021

And so it has begun, the new year…2021. Lets all hope this madness ends soon so that we can get back to business and living our lives the way we want to! Luckily, some countries on the African continent, like for example South Africa and Namibia, have decided to keep their borders open.

Newsletter 07  |  2020

Newsletter 07 | 2020

What a kick in crotch this year has been for the international travel and hunting industry! Our personal liberty and freedom to move around and to explore the world in search of exciting hunting adventures has been heavily restricted.