Worldwide Hunts with JR Hunting


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Gredos Ibex & Red Stag – Spain

I had a hunt of a lifetime in Spain! This was my 3rd hunting trip organised by JR Hunting and it did not disappoint. Spain is a beautiful country with amazing food, scenic landscapes and great hunting opportunities. The outfitter and his team were a very skilled and friendly crew who knew their game and areas extremely well. I had a great experience and I am definitely going back to hunt the other three ibex species still on my list. Thank you for another great hunting adventure!

Steve (California, USA)

October 2022

Moose & Black Bear – Alberta

Our first trip with JR Hunting couldn’t have been any better. Our group of 4 headed to Alberta on our very first Moose Hunt. From top to bottom Yogi took care of us from Day 1. He matched us up with an incredible outfitter that was able to cater to all of our needs. As rookies to this type of hunt, he was able to handle all of our questions and concerns with great knowledge and efficiency. I can’t recommend Yogi and JR Hunting enough.

Josh, Larry, Casey, Larry (Florida, USA)

September 2022

Roebuck – Sweden

When my wife and I decided to travel through Sweden we were looking for a guided stalk for a roebuck. After a few calls with Joakim I felt he was the right person. When we arrived in Sweden, we had a warm welcome by our guide. We had a nice talk, checked the rifle and got to know each other. After about 30 mins stalking with our guide, I saw the buck I have been dreaming of. Awesome experience, friendly people and a lovely area for hunting! I would recommend JR hunting to everyone.

Emiel (Belgium)

September 2022

Plains Game – South Africa

Thanks to JR Hunting, we had a fantastic honeymoon. It was my husbands second time with JR and my first, but it certainly won’t be our last. What impressed us the most was the quality of trophies we harvested. Originally we only planned to shoulder mount a couple of them, but the quality was so good that they’re all getting a shoulder or full body mount! Our guides that JR sent us with were extremely picky about the animals that we harvested. Overall a fantastic experience in SA and grateful that the trip was made easy by JR Hunting.

Courtney & Lochie (New Zealand)

June 2022

Ibex & Mouflon – Spain

I hunted a Beceite Ibex and a Mouflon with Val in April; a fabulous hunt! My first trip to Spain; gorgeous hunting territory and plenty of game to scout and observe. I harvested both species successfully and learned a lot from the local people. I plan to return to Spain to hunt red deer!

Ron (Arizona, USA)

April 2022

Mountain Lion – Nevada

I booked my cougar hunt at fairly short notice, approx. 6 weeks before departure. Despite this, everything was very well organised. We had nice weather conditions upon arrival at the hunting area but during the first day of hunting it changed and the hunt became more difficult with each passing hour. Despite this, the guide managed to find tracks that the dogs took with eagerness and I eventually had the opportunity to shoot a large and very nice tom with the right age already on the first day of the hunt. The very skilled guides on site together with a really good game plan made it a very appreciated trip for me, something I recommend many more people should try!

Ludvig (Sweden)

January 2022

Roebuck – Sweden

Sweden is always worth a trip!
I have been in contact with JR Hunting for two years because we have been busy planning a hunt for mountain lion in Nevada. Unfortunately, the travel restrictions made this trip impossible. So I was very pleased when we were able to meet up in Sweden to do some hunting together. At the end of August, we were lucky enough to have really nice weather and the hunting gods were kind to us and blessed us with two wonderful bucks. Many thanks to Yogi, who did all the scouting and confirmed these bucks. It is a very beautiful hunting area with an impressive density of game. I am now looking forward to seeing you again on our next hunt in Nevada. Happy Hunting!

Mark (Germany)

August 2021

Roebuck – Sweden

It has been my dream to spot and stalk a roebuck in Sweden for a long time. By chance I came across JR Hunting in a European hunting magazine. Days later the hunt was already booked. Yogi was very well prepared and knew exactly which bucks to target. During the first few days we encountered a lot of rain and wind. However, we were able to locate a couple of very good bucks. While stalking a field on the last day of the hunt, I was able to shoot a very good Swedish buck. Thank you for the very nice experience!

Peter (Germany)

August 2021

Buffalo & Croc – South Africa

This is my second time hunting with JR Hunting in Africa. We had a very successful hunt. I was able to harvest some extraordinary trophies! Yogi and Jaco the PH have become close friends. I was very impressed with the accommodations, staff and quality of the animals we encountered. I’m definitely returning soon for more great times.

Steve (California, USA)

July 2021

Plains Game – South Africa

I met Yogi back in May and we talked about going on an African safari. Once we got the tentative dates set, Yogi literally did all the rest. I was extremely pleased how well organized the whole adventure was. He had everything organized from the trip to South Africa to the trip home everything was set for me. JR Hunting coordinated all of the details so all I had to do was enjoy the hunt.
I started out going for a Kudu and a Nyala. I harvested amazing bulls in both species. I also wanted to add trophies once I got there and this was also no problem. I cannot praise Yogi enough for setting up this incredible hunt and look forward to hunting again with JR Hunting. Truly a first class experience!

John (Maryland, USA)

July 2021

Plains Game – South Africa

We started planning my trip to South Africa at the SCI Convention and Yogi organized the hunt details with the outfitter. This was my first hunt in Africa; and a hunt of a lifetime! Seven species in all. The guide, tracker and accommodations were exceptional, and I plan to return to this beautiful land with Yogi!

Ron (Arizona, USA)

May 2021

Roebuck – Sweden

Hunting Roe deer in Sweden with Yogi was a fantastic experience. The scenery was beautiful and I was able to encounter a large variety of wildlife while on my hunt. Having put in a tremendous amount of time scouting before the season opened, Yogi was well prepared and knowledgeable about exactly what deer lived in the area and where to find the most mature bucks. Before my hunt began, Yogi was able to send me some images from trail cameras which really built the anticipation of my hunt. And, I was able to harvest exactly the buck that we had hoped for! Sweden is a beautiful country to tour with wonderful people and fantastic dining. It was a wonderful hunt and trip of a lifetime!

Kristy (Oregon, USA)

August 2020

Mountain Lion – British Columbia

For me, a long-cherished dream came true with this trip. Years prior, Yogi and I first got in touch regarding hunting in British Columbia. And although I still had to let a few years of anticipation slip by, I knew that with such a special hunt as a cat hunt in a snow-covered wilderness, it takes a professional team to make things happen. I did find this crew of professionals in Yogi and his team of local guides as well as their excellent hounds.

On the very first day of the hunt, the dogs were able to tree a bobcat and thus help me to achieve my first hunting success in Canada. On the third day of the hunt, we found the tracks of a cougar early in the morning and after a breathtaking chase the dogs were able to catch up to it too. It is an indescribable feeling to approach the echoing sound of the hounds, ringing through the vast and snowy wilderness. When we finally arrived at the treed cat, we were presented with an image that will forever burn itself into my memory, a fascinating sight that leaves you speechless.

In addition to this double hunting success, I was also able to take a coyote on the fifth day of the hunt, which is certainly just as special a prey for a European hunter.

The essence of this hunt for me is an unforgettable experience, which is made up of the generous hospitality and professionalism of the outfitter, excellent hunting for fascinating game in a wonderful wilderness, very good food, excellent dog work and, last but not least, perfect organisation and support by JR Hunting.

Thank you and Waidmannsheil

Lukas (Austria)

January 2020

Leopard & Buffalo – Mozambique

If you are in the market for a first class free-roaming African safari…contact JR HUNTING! The PH was a true experienced professional! The quality of game is exceptional and accommodations are top notch! I had an amazing experience, harvested some great trophy animals and made lifelong friends. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Steve (California, USA)

November 2019

Mountain Goat – British Columbia

I planned this trip almost 3 years in advance. I wanted to go with JR Hunting as I had had a great experience with them hunting ibex in Spain. Yogi handled all the information ahead of and after the trip flawlessly. We were unlucky on the moose as the cows never really came into season during our stay. But we finally managed after climbing 3 mountains to locate and find the right billy. That was an awesome experience, beautiful nature, tough hunt, magnificent scenery and great and knowledgeable guides. My childhood friend was accompanying me during the trip and we enjoyed a lot of wild game encounters together. The camp was functional and the food was great, everyone was friendly and accommodative.

David (Sweden)

September 2019

Marco Polo & Ibex – Kyrgyzstan

I hunted with JR Hunting in Kyrgyzstan in August for Marco Polo and Ibex. I have known Yogi for many years now and he is a true professional in all aspects of his job. His attention to detail is amazing, the info I received before the trip was on point. And with Yogi joining me on this trip made it a truly amazing experience. To have an English speaking friend with me who was there to share the memories and also to video the hunt was a huge bonus. This way I can look back in many years and still enjoy this awesome adventure.

I’m an outfitter myself and I have dealt with many booking agents before. YOGI IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST! Do not hesitate to contact him. You will have a hunt of a lifetime and only hunt with the best.

Cheers for all your help on this trip Yogi! I could not have done it by myself, it was a blast!

Rachel (New Zealand)

August 2019