Hunting in the United States


In this great country with its enormous variation in habitats and game species there are many excellent and unique hunting opportunities available for the willing sportsman to experience. Being the second largest country in North America, the USA is home to large tracts of government owned and managed wild public lands, of virgin forests and mountainous regions. The wildlife management model developed in the United States during the 20th century is often copied around the world and has performed exceptionally well, creating stable and hunt-able populations of numerous big game species, some unique to the US alone.

Hunt in USA

From the lowland swamps of Florida and Louisiana, to the Great Plains of Kansas and the Dakotas,

and the rugged slopes of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, or the colourful deserts of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, the USA offers many varied habitats, each with its own palate of species and charms.

JR Hunting works with some of the best outfitters in various parts of the country, but we specialise in trophy hunting for mountain lion, elk, whitetail and mule deer in the western US. Our partners are very experienced and knowledgeable and with many years in the hunting industry these family-run outfits offer some prime big game hunting in game-rich environments that boast some of the best mountain lion, elk, whitetail and mule deer hunting available in the US. Whether you want to chase alligators in the swamps of Florida, wild boar and whitetail deer in Texas or elk and mule deer in the Rocky Mountains of the Western states, we will help you find the best option for your next hunt in the USA. Also, wing-shooting in the United States is diverse and in some places developed into a fine art. Special shooting estates, especially in the South, offer the shooting over well-trained pointers and others treat visitors to superb waterfowl gunning during the annual migrations. The wild turkey offers a special challenge for bird hunters and five subspecies are found across the country.

Available Species

Desert Bighorn Sheep Elk Mountain Lion
Mule Deer Coyote Wild Boar
Bison Turkey Whitetail Deer
Mountain Goat Alligator Black Bear
Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep Pronghorn Antelope Blacktail Deer
Shiras Moose    


Tag Application Service

Hunters will stay in comfortable accommodations, such as lodges and motels, or in tented outfitter spike camps further out in the hunting areas depending on the time of year, type of hunt and species hunted. You will be able to experience the remote wilderness of the USA with its great hunting adventures in pristine, rugged and breathtaking terrain as well as the wide array of hunting techniques used to pursue the different species available.

When it comes to the desert bighorn sheep and the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, the only way to be able to hunt these species in the United States is to participate in the lottery drawings for hunting tags arranged by the different states. We are very proud to be able to present you with our new application service JR TAG APPLICATION SERVICE for hunting licenses in the USA. This service provides hunters from outside the US with the opportunity to participate in the state lottery of some selected US states in order to have a chance at winning one of the limited but also very sought-after bighorn sheep tags. Our experience and knowledge in this area help our clients set up a long term application strategy and also eventually becoming successful in achieving their dream of hunting a bighorn sheep for a lot less money than booking a similar hunt directly with an outfitter in Canada or Mexico. Furthermore, we also help our hunters apply for mule deer, elk, mountain goat, shiras moose and bison licenses in areas with great trophy quality. Please feel free to contact JR TAG APPLICATION SERVICE with any questions you may have regarding this service.

Come Hunt With Us!

We can only recommend you to come and hunt with us in the beautiful and diverse wilderness of the USA and enjoy the people, great service, comfortable accommodations, excellent food and unique hunting areas our outfitters have to offer! Just as much as JR Hunting is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, our partners in the US will take excellent care of you as a client.

JR Hunting will assist you with all the necessary rifle import and visa paperwork prior to your hunt in the US. If you do not wish to bring your own firearm, rental rifles are available and we have several different calibers you can use.



Hunting in the USA
Hunting in the USA
Hunting in the USA
Hunting in the USA
So if you are interested in a hunt with us in the US, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about prices, accompanied hunting trips and available hunting dates! Do not forget to check out more pictures from our USA hunts in the JR Hunting photo gallery!