Hunting in New Zealand


Welcome to New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud.

This beautiful country in the South Pacific is a true hunter’s paradise offering a number of big game species and breathtaking scenery. With its wide variety of hunting opportunities, versatile terrain and amazing trophy quality this exciting destination in the southern hemisphere has lured many hunters from all over the world to come and pursue their hunt of a lifetime.


Friendly people, a safe environment, great service, beautiful scenery and stunning hunting adventures make New Zealand one of the top hunting destinations for dedicated trophy hunters and non-hunting companions as well.

JR Hunting has the honour to work with one of the best outfitters in New Zealand! Located in the southern part of the South Island of New Zealand, our partner is a family-owned and operated outfit with over 40 years of experience in the hunting industry. Here hunting is first and foremost and this definitely shows in the commitment and dedication all members of the staff have when working with clients. Our outfitter’s skilled and highly qualified staff and top-notch guides will make sure your New Zealand hunt will be a great success.

Operating on private land with luxury lodges and mountain camps, we can only recommend this place as the number one choice to harvest your New Zealand trophies. Situated in the middle of over 15,000 acres of prime private hunting ground, amongst green rolling hills with native bush and beech forest, the main lodge boosts all comforts of home. With a dining, recreational and bbq area, bedrooms, hot showers, flush toilets and laundry facilities this lodge is a great place to return to after a long day of hunting in the bush.

Available Species

Red Stag Himalayan Tahr Chamois Fallow Buck
Wapiti/Elk Arapawa Ram Wild Goat Paradise Duck

Red deer have been roaming this area since being released in the early 1900s and over the past 40 years these deer have been closely managed and consequently some fantastic world-class trophies have been produced over the years. Our hunting area offers some real good fallow deer genetics as well and has many good streams and rivers close to the lodge so fishing while in season (February-April) can be done if time allows. There are some great areas for duck hunting (May-July) also and small game hunting for rabbits and possums can be done year round. The hunting area with good cover and changing terrain offers great spot and stalk opportunities for red stag, fallow buck, wapiti, arapawa ram and wild goat. On a given day, the hunter can expect to see many trophy animals and will be able to put a stalk on the desired trophy. There are tree stands and blinds available for bow hunters and the main method of hunting is spot and stalk. Shots normally range up to 150 yards and the entire area is accessible by 4 wheel drive. Horseback hunts can be arranged on request.

Our other lodge is the base camp for our mountain hunts for tahr and chamois and is located near the small popular tourist town called Wanaka. This lodge is about a 2 hour drive from the deer hunting area and about 45 minutes from Queenstown with its many attractions and great scenery. Boosting the same comfort as our main lodge, the Wanaka lodge is great for the non-hunter due to all the attractions and the beautiful scenery nearby. Around here is where we hunt for chamois in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and gear up for our trips up to tahr camp. Hunting the elusive and small bodied chamois with their sharp senses in steep terrain and thick cover can be a challenge, but our skilled guides and the great hunting grounds we have access to offer a favourable starting point to a successful hunt. Usually we hunt chamois on foot, but some of our clients prefer to access the hunting area by helicopter and then once at higher elevation continue the hunt on foot.

Our mountain camp or tahr camp is a comfortable, functional, dry and warm but simple cabin situated amongst over 20,000 acres of private property, which has to be one of the best tahr hunting areas in the world.

About a 3.5 hour drive from Wanaka, the mountain camp can be accessed by 4-wheel drive or helicopter, but from there the hunt is on foot in challenging mountain terrain. Hunting the majestic Himalayan tahr will be done spot and stalk with guide and hunter leaving the cabin in the morning only to return at night with a great hunting day and plenty of memories to look back on. Hunters can expect to see many tahr in a day’s hunt, including a good number of mature trophy bulls. Our outfitter has been 100% on mature bull tahr and with the enormous trophy potential and great hunting ground to work on there will be many more great trophies taken in this area.

All our available species can be hunted with rifle, bow or muzzle loader.

Our New Zealand hunting season runs from February to August and all our species can be hunted throughout this entire period. The red stag roar usually falls into the months of March & April, with the fallow bucks and wapiti normally rutting at about the same time. The tahr and chamois rut later in the season during the months of May & June.

Weather-wise you should expect mild temperatures, especially for the first half of our season. Towards the second half of our season (our winter) you can expect cooler temperatures as well as snow and wind particularly in the mountains.

JR Hunting will assist you with all the necessary rifle import and visa paperwork prior to your hunt in New Zealand. If you do not wish to bring your own firearm, rental rifles are available in camp and we have several different calibers for you to choose from.

We can only recommend you to come to New Zealand and hunt with us and enjoy the great people, service, accommodations, food and hunting areas our outfitter has to offer! Just as much as JR Hunting is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, our partner in New Zealand will take excellent care of you as a client.

Hunting in New Zealand
Hunting in New Zealand
Hunting in New Zealand
Hunting in New Zealand
Hunting in New Zealand
So if you are interested in a hunt with us in New Zealand, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on prices, accompanied hunting trips and available hunting dates! Do not forget to check out more pictures from our hunts in the New Zealand photo gallery!