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My name is Joakim “Yogi” Rausch and I am the sole owner and operator of JR Hunting. I founded JR Hunting in 2009 with the goal to connect keen hunters with some of the best big game hunting adventures worldwide.

For as long as I can remember, hunting has been a big part of my life. So when I first started working in the hunting industry I did this as a hunting guide on the South Island of New Zealand in 2002. I then went back to school to finish my business degree in economics and business management attending the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden. But the hunting bug had got a hold of me for sure and I felt like I needed to be out there, hunting.

For the past 17 years I have worked for outfitters in New Zealand, Australia and Canada and have visited, hunted, guided and accompanied clients on their hunts in many different countries including Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Spain, Alaska and the lower 48 of the USA.

After a number of  years in the industry, with a bunch of experience gained and a strong network of trustworthy outfitters and partners on my side, I decided to combine my work as a hunting guide with my own hunting agency acting as a hunting consultant in order to provide hunters with great hunting opportunities. That is why in 2009 I started JR Hunting, a privately-run booking agency for quality hunts worldwide.

For the past 10 years, we have been offering our clients some of the finest quality hunting opportunities available. In order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we only work with the best big game outfitters in the industry. As a result of our experience and excellent contact network, we have been able to carefully select outfitters that will offer you guided hunts of only the highest quality. Over many years of working for and with these outfitters, we have managed to build strong personal friendships and great working relationships that are the foundation for our successful operation. Our level of personal service, attention to detail and the commitment to provide our clients with the best hunting experience possible are a great starting point for the planning of your next big hunting adventure. Not only do we assist you with planning and organizing your next hunt, at certain times of the year we are also on site at our different hunting destinations in order to make sure that you as a client have the best hunting adventure possible. We also offer specialized accompanied hunting trips for clients who would like us to join them on their adventures. Furthermore, we can provide video services on those trips as well, with a JR Hunting cameraman on hand capturing your hunt on film.

Our full-service operation assists you with everything prior to, during and after the hunt. We arrange paperwork regarding import and export of firearms as well as shipping of trophies, we set you up with excellent travel agents and taxidermists and if requested we even accompany you on your trip to guide and/or video you in the field when you harvest your trophy of a lifetime.

Hunting is a way of life, it is our life! To us, hunting is a lifestyle and a passion that we love to share with fellow hunters and friends! So come and join us for some unforgettable adventures and some serious big game hunting!

Big Game Hunts with JR Hunting
Big Game Hunts with JR Hunting
Big Game Hunts with JR Hunting

See you guys in the bush!!

Joakim “Yogi” Rausch

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