Hunting in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan as a country is almost completely mountainous and boasts many vast and rugged mountain ranges. Located right in the heart of Central Asia where the Tian Shan mountain range meets the Pamir mountains, over half of Kyrgyzstan lies at more than 8,000 feet and is known for incredible natural beauty as well as remote and wild hunting grounds. Hunters will encounter breathtaking scenery such as glaciers, snowfields and rugged mountain peaks when pursuing their quest for Marco Polo (Hume) Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex.

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most sought-after hunting destinations in Central Asia and every mountain hunter’s dream! 

In this extreme and demanding high alpine climate with its remote and extremely rugged wilderness areas, we specialise in hunting trophy animals like the majestic Marco Polo Argali and the Mid-Asian Ibex. JR Hunting can provide you with some of the best hunting areas Kyrgyzstan has to offer. Our partner is one of Kyrgyzstan’s most experienced outfitters and has been organising hunts in these remote wilderness areas for many years. All the experience and knowledge that have been gathered over time are the foundation of a very reliable organisation that makes your hunt flow seamlessly. We only hunt areas with great game numbers and outstanding trophy quality, that over the years have been managed very well and therefore have produced some incredible trophies.

Available Species

Marco Polo (Hume) Argali Mid-Asian Ibex Wolf


The climate varies depending on the elevation, but most areas where our hunts are conducted have a high mountain alpine climate. Temperatures also differ greatly depending on what time of the season a hunt is conducted. The air is quite dry and one of the biggest challenges is to stay warm and to keep oneself hydrated. Our base camps are located between 10,000 – 12,000 feet with hunting taking place up to 14,000 feet. Most people do not encounter any problems with altitude sickness nevertheless, we normally plan one whole day at base camp at the start of the hunt just so hunters can adjust to the altitude and thin air as well as practice some more long range shooting. But Marco Polo as well as ibex hunting is very physically demanding and hunters need to be somewhat experienced mountain hunters. Good physical condition is a prerequisite for a successful hunt. So make sure to come prepared as you embark on this hunt of a lifetime.

The terrain is not extremely rugged though, which enables us to reach base camps by vehicles and from there hunting will be conducted using horses and on foot. This region does not only pose challenges in terms of high altitude terrain, but also temperatures can get extremely cold and windy. Weather at such altitudes, like on most mountain hunts, is rather unpredictable.

Hunts Involve Horseback Riding and Hiking

We work with experienced guides & interpreters who know their areas very well and are extremely friendly, skilled and helpful. They are reliable and experienced local people who supply all the necessary staff, equipment, camps and food as well as their immense knowledge of the hunting areas and animals. The hunting season runs from mid-August to the end of November. The argali start rutting in November, so game concentrations will be higher at this time of year. Furthermore, the later in the season you hunt, the better the cape on your trophy will be. Keep in mind though that the later in the year you plan your hunt, the harsher and more unpredictable the weather conditions will be as well.

Most hunts involve a lot of horseback riding and hiking in extreme terrain. Late season hunts will be guaranteed to have snow, but sometimes it snows on our hunts in August already. Often hunters will come back to base camp at night, but venturing out further and staying in tents is an option for the more adventurous and ambitious hunters looking for really big sheep or ibex trophies. Spot and stalk is the preferred method of hunting and will involve a lot of glassing for game. Therefore, good quality optics are a must in order to be able to thoroughly study the animals before approaching your desired trophy. Hunters can expect to see many animals on our Marco Polo and ibex hunts, including some larger groups of trophy sheep and ibex every day.

Shooting distances are always depending on the situation and specific spot the animals are located in at that time, but due to the open terrain distances can range from 100 – 700 yards. We recommend all our clients to practice long range shooting in good time before they embark on this adventure. Please also remember that you most likely will be shooting at awkward angles and in uncomfortable shooting positions. Apart from the physically demanding conditions one should prepare for on this hunt, the shooting practice is a very important factor one needs to remember when preparing for a successful mountain hunting expedition

A True Mountain Adventure

All in all, the hunts we offer in Kyrgyzstan are a true mountain adventure with great chances of harvesting some magnificent Marco Polo sheep and Mid-Asian ibex trophies. We have accompanied many of our clients on their hunts for argali and ibex in recent years and our hunts have been very successful.

JR Hunting will assist you with all the necessary rifle import and visa paperwork prior to your hunt in Kyrgyzstan. It is recommended that you bring your own firearm, please contact us for further information about this. If you need assistance putting together a decent long range rifle set-up, we will be glad to help you with that as well.

We can only recommend you to come and hunt with us in the beautiful and rugged mountain wilderness of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and tremendous adventures that this mountain hunting paradise has to offer! Just as much as JR Hunting is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, our partner in Kyrgyzstan will take excellent care of you as a client.

Hunting Hume Argali Kyrgyzstan
Hunting Ibex in Kyrgyzstan
Hunting Hume Argali Kyrgyzstan
Hunting Ibex in Kyrgyzstan
Hunting Ibex in Kyrgyzstan

So if you are interested in a hunt with us in Kyrgyzstan, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on prices, accompanied hunting trips and available hunting dates! Do not forget to check out more pictures from our Kyrgyzstan hunting adventures in the JR Hunting photo gallery!