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Newsletter 06 | 2021

Oct 11, 2021 | Newsletter


Hi folks!

Welcome to the sixth JR Hunting Newsletter of 2021!

Make sure to check out all the offers and hunt specials we have listed for you here below.

Whether you are looking for big roebucks in Sweden or Spain, spring black bear hunts in British Columbia, extreme mountain hunts for argali and ibex in Kyrgyzstan or plains game hunts in Namibia, do not hesitate to contact us in order to plan your next adventure.

Furthermore, we have some very exciting new hunting opportunities available on a previously almost untouched property in Texas, where we can offer you high quality Aoudad/Barbary sheep and whitetail hunts in the hill country in the western part of the state.

In addition to that, we also have some high quality bison as well as management bull elk hunts available in northern New Mexico towards the end of this year.

The USA has announced that it will ease travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people to travel to the US again starting in November. For all our non-US clients, this means that you potentially could travel to the US again for hunting purposes as early as the beginning of November. We will keep you posted…

Let us know if you have any questions or would want some more detailed information regarding any of these hunts. Do not wait too long as demand is very high. Book now or you could miss out!




SWEDEN – Roebuck Hunts



Hunting News


Once again we have had a great roebuck season in Sweden and were able to harvest some really nice bucks with our clients. Our roebuck hunts over the last few years have been very successful and have produced some great memories. We always have a lot of fun chasing them sneaky little critters; definitely one of our favorite hunts to guide clients on and they never fail to produce beautiful trophies! Make sure to secure your spot for next year already! Do not miss out on these affordable & exciting three-day hunts that can be combined with sightseeing in some of Sweden’s most scenic places. A perfect trip for the keen hunter as well as the better half!


3 hunting days

      1 on 1 pricing         starting at     1,200 US$ per person


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Roebuck Hunting


TEXAS – Aoudad & Whitetail Hunts


Roebuck Hunting


Texas Aoudad & Whitetail Specials


3 hunting days / 4 nights in camp

         Aoudad                 1 on 1 pricing       7,000 US$ per person
Whitetail                1 on 1 pricing        6,000 US$ per person
Aoudad & Whitetail       1 on 1 pricing      10,500 US$ per person

(Includes accommodation & meals as well as unlimited hogs & coyotes)


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Roebuck Hunting


NEW MEXICO – Bison & Elk Hunts

Roebuck Hunting


New Mexico Bison & Elk Specials


Premier Exclusive Lodge & Great Service

3 days / 4 nights

         Bison                 1 on 1 pricing       8,000 US$ per person


5 days / 6 nights

 Management Elk        1 on 1 pricing       8,500 US$ per person


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Roebuck Hunting


NAMIBIA – Plains Game Hunts

Roebuck Hunting


Namibia Plains Game Packages


6 hunting days / 1 excursion day / 8 nights in camp


2 on 1 pricing (including 1 Oryx, 1 Springbuck, 1 Red Hartebeest) 2,765 € per person

2 on 1 pricing (including 1 Zebra, 1 Springbuck, 1 Red Hartebeest) 3,125 € per person

2 on 1 pricing (including 1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Springbuck, 1 Red Hartebeest) 3,125 € per person

2 on 1 pricing (including 1 Eland, 1 Springbuck, 1 Red Hartebeest) 3,525 € per person


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Roebuck Hunting


SPAIN – Roebuck Hunts

Roebuck Hunting


Big Roebucks in Spain


NOW AVAILABLE! Come and join us in Spain on our high-quality trophy roebuck hunts for heavy-horned and massive bucks in some of the best areas this country has to offer! WE HAVE SOME GREAT DEALS AVAILABLE FOR NEXT SEASON! Enjoy great Spanish traditions with exceptional hospitality and cuisine as well as highly successful spot and stalk hunts for big mature roebucks!

      1 on 1 pricing     Bronze Medal starting at     2,700 € per person


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Hunting Roebuck in Spain


KYRGYZSTAN – Ibex & Argali

Hunting Roebuck in Spain


Extreme Mountain Hunts


Kyrgyzstan offers some very reasonably priced combination hunts for Hume Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex. We mainly hunt in the south-eastern part of the country in areas with high game numbers and good trophy quality! Argali and ibex are also available on single-species hunts.

Ibex        1 on 1 pricing starting at       9,000 US$ per person

     Argali       1 on 1 pricing starting at       30,000 US$ per person

Ibex & Argali  1 on 1 pricing starting at     35,500 US$ per person


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Kyrgyzstan Ibex



Kyrgyzstan Ibex


Spring Black Bear Hunts


Our areas in British Columbia have in the past produced some great bears during the spring hunting season with trophy quality being 6.5 foot or better. We have also been able to harvest a good number of color phase black bears on our spring hunts. We are now also offering very successful and action-packed HOUND HUNTS FOR BIG BEARS! Come join us in beautiful terrain with healthy bear populations and many sightings during your spring bear adventure. There are still a few spots available for May/June next spring, so make sure to let us know if you are interested!


North-eastern British Columbia – 5 hunting days


2 on 1 pricing (incl. hunting license, black bear tag, tax)         4,750 US$ per person

Add-on Bear #2 (incl. black bear tag, tax)                    1,250 US$ per person


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BC Black Bear Hunt




Hunting Sweden


We are in close contact with all of our outfitters who are continuously monitoring the global travel situation and we will make important decisions as well as changes to affected bookings if necessary, working closely with our partners and clients. Due to licensing, permit and scheduling issues, there is not always a quick-fix solution for every scenario, however we are doing everything in our power to accommodate everybody’s best interest. To all our clients wondering what will happen to their existing bookings and outstanding shipments of trophies or for those of you who would like to discuss future hunt plans, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


For our clients in North-America, we now also have a

US Toll Free number 844-574-8687 (844 – JR HUNTS)




Our client reference list keeps growing and growing every year which makes us very proud! Just follow this link in order to visit our website and check out the testimonials from some of our happy hunters!

And make sure to stay tuned for the next issue of our JR Hunting Newsletter which will be headed for your inbox very soon filled with special offers and news regarding our operation as well as our destinations!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Hunting
Yogi Rausch


Hunting Sweden