Hunting in Azerbaijan


Central Asia with its many vast and rugged mountain ranges as well as numerous intriguing mountain sheep and ibex species is a very sought-after hunting destination and every mountain hunter’s dream. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. In the extreme and demanding backcountry of Azerbaijan with its remote and extremely rugged wilderness areas, we specialise in hunting remarkable trophy animals like the majestic Dagestan (Eastern) Tur. Hunting these amazing rock climbers in the rugged mountains they call home, all hunters will have to endure challenges in form of terrain as well as weather on their quest for their mountain trophy.

Hunting in Azerbaijan

JR Hunting can provide you with some of the best hunting Azerbaijan has to offer! 

Our partner is one of Azerbaijan’s most experienced outfitters and has been organising hunts in these wilderness areas for many years. All the experience and knowledge that have been gathered over time are the foundation of a very reliable organisation that makes your hunt flow seamlessly. We only hunt areas with great game numbers and outstanding trophy quality, that over the years have been managed very well and therefore have produced some incredible trophies.

Available Species

Dagestan (East Caucasian) Tur


Azerbaijan is like most former Soviet republics a mostly undeveloped country, especially in the rural areas. In recent years however, the country’s wealth in natural resources has opened up for a modernisation and western-minded way of thinking. Azerbaijan’s very friendly people and the breathtaking terrain as well as the remote hunting areas make it a great destination for the designated mountain hunter offering truly challenging hunts for the Dagestan Tur.

Our Spike Camps are Located Close to Tur Feeding Grounds

We hunt the majestic Dagestan Tur in various areas of the Caucasian mountains all approximately 300-350 km from your point of arrival, the city of Baku on the edge of the Caspian Sea. Our hunting camps are typically either cottage type stone or wooden houses or cabins for base camps and smaller tented fly camps higher up in the hunting areas. Most base camps are located in valley bottoms and along rivers, but some stone cottages are even strategically positioned half way up the mountain. Our spike camps are located directly in or in very close proximity to the Tur feeding grounds at between 7,000 – 10,000 feet. Depending on the area and terrain, the base camps are accessed using old Russian military style 4×4 vehicles and/or horses. The transfer up to our tented spike camps or mountain stone cottages is normally on horse back or on foot.

During summer, temperatures will vary between +10 to +30 degrees Celsius, with frequently cold and sometimes rainy nights. Winters are mild with +10 to -5 degrees Celsius at the lowest and snowy weather conditions.

Hunting the Dagestan Tur requires extensive hiking and camping out in our smaller spike camps with limited facilities and not much luxury. But the beauty of the wilderness around you and the knowledge of being right amongst your desired pray make up for the more rustic living quarters. One can expect to see bigger groups of Tur with up to about 30 animals on a daily bases, sometimes even larger herds consisting of 50 – 100 animals. Stalking is the preferred method of hunting with a lot of time spent glassing slopes and known feeding grounds as well as bedding areas. Therefore, good quality optics are a must in order to be able to thoroughly study the animals before approaching your desired trophy. If weather and terrain permit, hunters might even set up in ambush during the day and wait for the Tur to come out onto the slopes close by to feed in the late afternoon and evening. Shooting distances are always depending on the terrain and specific spot the animals are located in at that time, but can range from anything around 100 – 500 yards. We recommend all our clients to practice long range shooting in good time before they embark on this adventures. Please also remember that you most likely will be shooting at awkward angles and in uncomfortable shooting positions. Apart from the physically demanding conditions one should prepare for on this hunt, the shooting practice is a very important factor one needs to remember when preparing for a successful mountain hunting expedition.

Prime Time is July and August

We work with experienced guides & interpreters who know their areas very well and are extremely friendly, skilled and helpful. Our hunting season in Azerbaijan starts at the beginning of June and lasts all the way through to October. Prime time for stalking the Dagestan Tur are the months of July and August, with weather normally being very nice with little to no rain. The later in the season you hunt, the better the cape on your trophy will be. Keep in mind though that the later in the year you plan your hunt, the harsher the weather conditions will be as well. Hunts normally take place at elevations between 7,000 – 9,000 feet, which is why almost nobody suffers from altitude sickness.

However, good physical condition is a prerequisite for a successful Tur hunt. The Caucasian mountains you will be hunting in are famous for being some of the steepest and most dangerous mountains around. So make sure to come prepared as you embark on this hunt of a lifetime!

We have accompanied many of our clients on their hunts for Dagestan Tur in recent years. And our hunts have been very successful and resulted in numerous outstanding trophies. Our photo gallery tells a great success story!

JR Hunting will assist you with all the necessary rifle import and visa paperwork prior to your hunt in Azerbaijan. If you do not wish to bring your own firearm, there are mountain rifles in different calibers and with good quality optics available for you to rent and use.

We can only recommend you to come and hunt with us in the beautiful and rugged mountain wilderness of Azerbaijan and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and tremendous adventures that this mountain hunting paradise has to offer! Just as much as JR Hunting is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, our partner in Azerbaijan will take excellent care of you as a client.

Hunting Tur in Azerbaijan
Hunting Tur in Azerbaijan
Hunting Tur in Azerbaijan
Hunting Tur in Azerbaijan
So if you are interested in a hunt with us in Azerbaijan, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on prices, accompanied hunting trips and available hunting dates! Do not forget to check out more pictures from our Azerbaijan hunting adventures in the JR Hunting photo gallery!