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Spain has a hunting heritage that goes back more than 800 years and since that time magnificent game reserves and a system of national parks, wherein hunting is a long established tool in modern game management, have been created. Today Spain as a country has one of the most progressive wildlife management systems in the world, producing stable populations and excellent trophy quality with many native species. Spain is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate and a great variety in terrain and ecosystems, with mountains in the north, south central, and west of the country, as well as rich rolling hill terrain, interspersed with forests and agricultural land.

World Map of Spain

Spain offers the traveling sportsman a long list of game animals, some of which are unique to the Iberian Peninsula.

It also has the second largest tourism industry in the world, with superb infrastructure and all the amenities any traveler could ask for.

In this beautiful country, we can offer you a wide variety of hunts for all the different Spanish game species. Incredible hunting mixed with rich history makes for an amazing adventure in southern Europe. Whether you are looking for trophy hunts for one of the four Spanish ibex (Beceite, Gredos, Ronda, Southeastern/Sierra Nevada), red stag, fallow buck, wild boar, roe buck, mouflon, chamois, wild goat or aoudad/barbary sheep, our outfitter in Spain will help you stalk your desired pray. If you feel like you want to go all-in and try to pursue the Spanish Grand Slam, we will be more than happy to help and arrange this for you as well. From the mountains to the forests, Spain offers an incredible adventure for every hunter.

Available Species

Beceite Ibex Gredos Ibex Ronda Ibex
Mouflon Feral Goat Wild Boar
Red Stag Fallow Buck Roebuck
Cantabrian Chamois Pyrenean Chamois Catfish
Southeastern Ibex Barbary Sheep Monteria
Red-Legged Partridge    


Home to 2 Species of Chamois

In the Gredos Mountains, near Madrid, the largest form of the Spanish ibex, the Gredos ibex, is found. Further east, the Beceite ibex inhabits the mountains of Valencia. In the coastal mountains of Andalusia, we find the Ronda and Southeastern ibex, the two smallest varieties of Spanish ibex. Furthermore, Spain is home to two subspecies of chamois – the Pyrenean chamois of the Pyrenean mountains, which separate Spain from France, and the Cantabrian chamois from the Cantabrian mountains of the north coast. These hunts for ibex and chamois take place in breathtakingly beautiful scenery, based out of quaint villages with top notch accommodation and a touch of rural charm. Spain also has its own subspecies of red deer, slightly smaller than the red stags of the European mainland. Furthermore, it is home to magnificent fallow deer as well as huge mouflon rams and a large population of wild boar. Outstanding roe deer populations make for great hunts for top quality trophy roe bucks in the agricultural areas. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate all the species in Spain develop excellent trophy quality.

We only hunt the best private areas and national reserves in the country in order to maintain a very high standard with all the trophies we take. In addition to the trophy hunts for Spanish big game species, we also arrange big driven hunts (Monterias) for red deer, fallow deer, wild pigs and mouflon as well as wing shooting drives for red-legged partridge and pheasant. These driven hunts are very popular with groups and are well organised with professional beaters, trained dogs and great food. Accommodation on all our Spanish hunts is of the highest standards and the traditional Spanish cuisine will add an extra touch to the already remarkable experience. Spain is also one of the most interesting countries to visit for its cultural and historic treasures. Fine foods and wines complement the many sights to visit. With its many old and beautiful sights as well as the diverse terrain and scenic coastline, Spain makes for a great hunting and holiday destination. If you desire, we will make sure to combine your hunting adventures with some relaxed sightseeing and touring as well.

Come Hunt With Us!

We can only recommend you to come to Spain and hunt with us in this beautiful country in southern Europe and enjoy the people, great service, comfortable accommodations, excellent food and unique hunting areas our outfitter has to offer! Just as much as JR Hunting is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, our partner in Spain will take excellent care of you as a client.

JR Hunting will assist you with all the necessary rifle import and visa paperwork prior to your hunt in Spain. If you do not wish to bring your own firearm, rental rifles are available and we have several different calibers you can use.


Hunting in Spain
Hunting in Spain
Hunting in Spain
Hunting in Spain
So if you are interested in a hunt with us in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about prices, accompanied hunting trips and available hunting dates! Do not forget to check out more pictures from our Spain hunts in the JR Hunting photo gallery!