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Dagestan Tur – Azerbaijan

you were a tremendous help in referring and executing our Dagestan Tur mountain hunt. This hunt was, by far, the most physically challenging hunt either my dad or I have ever experienced. You gave us the confidence in your local contacts, provided an excellent understanding of what to expect during the hunt, and helped find our Tur on the mountain at 350 yards before our heart and spine shots. Thank you for making this once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity possible, and we would strongly recommend this hunt for those looking for a physically and mentally challenging extreme mountain hunt.

Chris & Pat (California, USA)

August 2014

Water Buffalo – Australia

I am very happy with the result of this trip and the trophies I harvested. My guide was a skillful hunting guide and I am impressed with how good he was at judging the trophy size on the buffalo. I could not have asked for a better guy than him. The outfitter and other people in camp were all very friendly and I was pampered and taken care of very well.
There are of course many stories to tell, but we looked around for a few days before we managed to find a buffalo that was better than average. There were many water buffalo in the area we hunted and we passed up a bunch of them before we finally on day 3 found a very nice bull. When we decided to take my buffalo, there was not much drama involved even though these critters are hard to kill. Same goes for the scrub bull that needed a few shots before it went down. Furthermore I managed to harvest a very nice wild boar!
To make a long story short, I am very pleased with the hunt itself, the trophies I harvested as well as my time in camp!

Ole Egil (Norway)

July 2014

Wolf – British Columbia

We are extremely pleased with this exciting wolf hunt we had in B.C.! Friendly guides, beautiful scenery, great food and service.

I was fortunate to get to see 10 wolves the first evening of which I took a black one.

Before this wolf hunt, I had been on a few others and only seen wolf tracks.

I can strongly recommend this camp and will definitely return in the future!

André (Sweden)

February 2014

Mountain Lion – British Columbia

This was already the second time I went hunting with Yogi Rausch and JR Hunting. This trip was for mountain lion in south-eastern B.C., on my first hunt I went to get a moose in north-eastern B.C. After my first successful trip arranged by Yogi, I didn’t have to think twice of whom I wanted to book my cougar hunt with. Even this time everything was perfect and I got the hunt and animal I came for. The services provided by JR Hunting is what I call “second to none”!

Mattias (Sweden)

January 2014

Black Bear – Alaska

Hi Yogi!
For about two years we had been planning this hunting trip to Alaska. There are many outfitters and companies to choose from, but because of a good reference we decided to book with you and your contacts. It proved to be spot on! Very professional and friendly guides who did anything in their power to make our hunt a success and at the same time give us a great overall experience. The terrain we hunted in was breathtaking and with both the weather gods and the hunting goddess Diana on our side it turned out to be a big success. All of us managed to get great trophies, but even more importantly we were all rewarded with memories for life from a fantastic country. What will our next trip be..? That we can discuss a little later!
Many thanks!

Fredrik (Norway)

September 2013

Brown Bear – Alaska

Ever since I was a young boy have I dreamt about traveling to Alaska for a bear hunt and also to get to experience the Last Frontier. Following the motto that one should never wait to long when wanting to do things you wish for, I booked my Alaska trip with JR Hunting as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday. We were a group of four guys traveling together and a lot of expectations and excitement preceded the hunt. When we all met up at the airport to start our trip to Alaska, one could really feel the excitement in the air! Of course we had a lot of expectations, but did not really know what we were in for as far as hunting and wildlife experiences and the great camaraderie we would share with our fantastic guides and outfitter. After five hunting days my main target had hit the ground, a big brown bear got to meet the stopping power of my .375. Since I also had a black bear license, we shifted camps and reorganized. From sleeping in a tent camp at a big lake in a huge coastal mountain range, we got moved to the outfitter’s main coastal camp for a black bear hunt in the fjords. Both black bear hunting and salmon fishing now were the main things on our daily schedule. To be able to experience these kind of hunting adventures along with breathtaking scenery will forever be embedded in my memories when looking back at this trip! These kind of hunts do not come cheap and naturally one will question if it is worth spending this much money on a hunting trip. Looking back I can only say…it was worth every single penny!! Of course, we probably were really lucky with how everything worked out weather- and hunting-wise, but when you in hindsight can tick off all the expectations you had about the trip, there is really only one thing left to say: I would definitely do this again! JR Hunting has been a great help for us before, during and after the hunt. Both JR Hunting and the outfitter did all they could in order to provide us with the best possible hunting experiences at all times! Memories for life!

Gudbrand (Norway)

September 2013

Roebuck – Sweden

Thank you again for the hunt and experience of a lifetime!
We organized a hunting trip through Yogi as part of our honeymoon.  There was never any problems when booking and you made the experience run very smoothly even recommending various tourist attractions for our time in Sweden. The whole hunting experience was very professional and a lot of fun!  We had such a good time with Yogi and also his very accommodating family. You also prepared the roe buck trophy for us so we could bring it home through customs and having it transferred directly to our taxidermist back home in New Zealand. Yogi you made this experience, which sometimes can be daunting, very easy with no hassles at all.
We had a great time and would strongly recommend a trip with JR Hunting in the future as we will be doing more hunting trips abroad based on this experience.

James & Jahola (New Zealand)

August 2013

Dall Sheep – Alaska


Thanks for a hunt of a life time!

As you know after talking with my son that I was looking to do a Dall sheep hunt, he said you need to get in touch with JR Hunting! When contacting you, there was no hesitation from you getting back to me and to get things rolling. You said Alaska is where I needed to go and that you had just the guy. You were very helpful with getting me in contact with the outfitter, providing references and contracts then checking throughout the months leading up to the hunt, making sure I was all set. Then also checking in with me right after the hunt. You know, that let me know even more you did care on what I was doing and new the dates I was in and out of the hunt and not just a number. Hats off to you! It’s always somewhat hard picking outfitters and where to go. This was my first time using a booking service and won’t be the last.

The outfitter and I had a great time in the mountains of Alaska working hard to get on a sheep of a life time for me. His gear and knowledge of the animals and the area were top notch. You told me I should get in as good of shape as I can for this hunt. No kidding! Not always do you get the inside details on things provided to help make your hunt a good one.

Steve (Vermont, USA)

August 2013

Water Buffalo – Australia

wanted to thank you for a hunt of a lifetime! Our water buffalo hunt in
Australia in June was the best hunt I have ever been on! Your knowledge of
the animals and the land is beyond professional. You are a great guide and
know how to take care of your hunters. I hope you are doing well and good
luck on your future hunts. I hope we will get another opportunity to go on
another hunt with you in the future. Thanks again!

Mark (Virginia, USA)

July 2013

Cheetah – Namibia

Thanks for another outstanding hunting trip!
It was the second time this year I went to Namibia. What an amazing place with its vast wilderness! The service and hunting possibilities there are unbelievably good! Unfortunately, we did not get a hyena this time, even though we had one hitting the bait. But the plains game hunting paid off and within one week I managed to harvest a steenbok, eland, duiker, springbok, damara dik-dik and also a huge cheetah! What a success! I can only recommend Namibia as a hunting destination!

Pontus (Sweden)

November 2012

Moose – British Columbia

Thanks for an awesome hunting trip and all the help and great travel companionship in British Columbia!
When I had decided to hunt a big moose in Canada I started researching a bunch of booking agents here in Scandinavia as well as outfitters in Canada in order to find out as much as I could about the different areas and prices for the different alternatives since I definitely wanted to find something with a serious set-up and good quality. I originally came in contact with JR Hunting by accident at the time when I was most into searching for a serious operator for my trip to British Columbia. Already from the first contact I had with Yogi it felt very good and once I had received more information regarding the hunt I was sure that JR Hunting was the right choice for me. From the time when I landed in Canada where Yogi picked me up at the airport and throughout the entire trip I was met by great service which I hadn’t encountered anywhere before. Everything was superb!! The hunt took place in some great terrain with beautiful scenery which only made the hunt more exciting. And when we managed to call in the big bull to about 30 yards…and I managed to shoot it, it just felt great!! I can recommend JR Hunting to anybody wanting to go on a hunting trip in the future! Everything is about service, quality, friendliness and especially great knowledge about the game and their habitat. I want to conclude this with a big THANK YOU to Yogi for making my first hunting trip to British Columbia a success! This will definitely not be my last trip because I am looking forward to many more adventures together.
Once again, thank you very much for a fantastic time in Canada!

Mattias (Sweden)

October 2012

Moose – British Columbia

I just wanted to say thanks for an excellent hunt in British Colombia! Camp life was great. The hunting was hard, but the guys never gave up and we were rewarded! Everyone gave 100% from the cooks to the guides, can’t wait to go back for a grizzly! Thanks again!

Dave (New York, USA)

September 2012

Roebuck – Sweden

Thank you for a great time!
It’s not common to have a non-hunting spouse accompany a hunting partner on a hunt and have HER give rave reviews. We both had the hunt/tour of a lifetime. The country, scenery, people, hunting area were exceptional. Your expertise of the area, culture, game was greatly appreciated by the both of us. The amount and quality of roe deer was a pleasant experience. Lorraine can’t get over how great of a time we had because of you and your family! Again, thank you!
If you need me to talk to anyone who is contemplating a roe deer hunt in Sweden with you, PLEASE give them my name and contact information.  Thanks for a truly unique experience!

Joe (New Jersey, USA)

August 2012

Tahr – New Zealand


Thanks for a great hunt! We had a super time. Especially enjoyed the Tahr and Chamois
hunts. I could have gone one more day if we had to on the Chamois. Felt pretty good the next morning. Those were two days of some good hiking, that last day was some wicked stuff! But it all worked out in the end. Maybe we will hunt again someday, three times now and counting, always fun and good memories.

Thanks again for an awesome hunt.

Terry (Kansas, USA)

May 2012

Plains Game – Namibia

Thanks for an awesome week of hunting!
Everything worked out great and Namibia is a spectacular country.
The hunt for mountain zebra was unbelievably exciting and my tracker was one of the best I have ever seen!

Pontus (Sweden)

April 2012

Water Buffalo – Australia

Great experience…great hunt…one of the best guides I have ever had…

Joe (New Jersey, USA)

July 2011