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Newsletter 02  |  2020

Newsletter 02 | 2020

In uncertain times like these with global lock-downs and travel restrictions making it almost impossible to venture out on your next international hunting trip, we can already start to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

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Newsletter 01  |  2020

Newsletter 01 | 2020

We have been very busy getting our new web presence finalised. And as many of you might have noticed already, our new website is now finished.

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Newsletter 07  |  2019

Newsletter 07 | 2019

And what a great year it has been for us! Once more, we have had the pleasure to enjoy many exciting hunting adventures with unforgettable memories alongside our clients.

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Newsletter 06  |  2019

Newsletter 06 | 2019

It has been a real busy fall for us here at JR Hunting, with moose and mountain goat hunts in British Columbia as well as a very successful leopard, cape buffalo and sable safari in Mozambique.

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Newsletter 05  |  2019

Newsletter 05 | 2019

We just recently returned from a very successful extreme mountain hunt in Kyrgyzstan where we hunted for Hume Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex in the Tian Shan mountain range!

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Newsletter 04  |  2019

Newsletter 04 | 2019

We just recently returned from a very successful trip to South Africa where we hunted big cape buffalo and a large number of plains game species accompanying our clients during their hunts in the Limpopo province as well as the Eastern Cape!

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Newsletter 03  |  2019

Newsletter 03 | 2019

We just recently returned from a very successful trip to New Zealand where we hunted big roaring red stags as well as grunting fallow bucks with our clients during the rut!

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Newsletter 02  |  2019

Newsletter 02 | 2019

New editions to our portfolio are Black Bear Hound Hunts in British Columbia, Spiral Horn Slam in South Africa & our JR Tag Application Service for state lottery hunting licenses in the US!

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Newsletter 01  |  2019

Newsletter 01 | 2019

We have had a great start to the new season with our clients harvesting some beautiful mountain lions, bobcats and wolves in British Columbia and Nevada.

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