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Plains game in South Africa (June 2019)

“Thanks Yogi for organising an amazing hunt in the Eastern Cape of South Africa! You made everything flow seamlessly right from start to finish. With some awesome free range hunting with top guides and lodging to go with it, it really felt like hunting with mates!! I would not hesitate in recommending JR Hunting to any of my friends and am already looking forward to my next adventure with Yogi.”

Lochie (New Zealand)



Plains game in South Africa (June 2019)

"Cheers mate for an awesome hunt! Just got back home now from the Eastern Cape, but we have to organise another trip one day for sure! Thanks for everything!"

Duncan (New Zealand)



Red stag & fallow buck in New Zealand (April 2019)

"I have hunted in Sweden for over 30 years and I was looking for something different this time. New Zealand caught my interest and after thorough research och chose JR Hunting for this hunt. I had high expectations before my trip and they were exceeded by miles. We hunted on approximately 20,000 acres of private land and everything was very well organised. My hosts and local guides did everything in their power to make my stay as comfortable as possible. The number of big red stags and fallow bucks that we located was extraordinary. I managed to harvest one of each.
Yogi from JR Hunting accompanied me on this hunt and he was a big part of the positive outcome. A large trust was established and more hunting trips with JR Hunting in the future are inevitable.
I can highly recommend hunting in New Zealand with JR Hunting."

Tommy (Sweden)



Mountain lion & Wolf in British Columbia (February 2019)

“Thank you JR for this amazing hunting trip!
This was the second time we hunted with JR Hunting in British Columbia. Once again, it was a great experience!
Very skilled guides, beautiful scenery, good food and great service. I had the hunting gods on my side again this trip as I was fortunate enough to take a beautiful bobcat, a huge mountain lion as well as a wolf on the last day of the hunt!
This is the second hunt in a row now with JR Hunting that I have been able to harvest a wolf. Awesome!
I can highly recommend JR Hunting."

André (Sweden)



Mountain lion in British Columbia (January 2019)

"My dream came true. En big mature tom was harvested after a spectacular mountain hunt in the snow covered wilderness of British Columbia. This was my first trip with JR Hunting.
Yogi’s philosophy “hunting with friends” was on point. Awesome guides with their great hounds who’s deep sounding barks filled the mountains with excitement and made my heart race!
Everything was organised perfectly. I can highly recommend this cougar hunt in BC with JR Hunting!"

Christian (Germany)



Whitetail in Montana (November 2018)

"Thanks Yogi, Montana was a beautiful hunt location! The deer were plentiful and the only difficulty of this hunt was deciding which deer to harvest. Accommodations were comfortable and convenient. Local meat processor and taxidermist were nearby and reasonable. Had a great time, looking forward to hunting with you again!"

Rodney (California, USA)



Moose in British Columbia (October 2018)

"Thanks Yogi and JR Hunting for a great adventure and professional BC hunt, that included great experiences and beautiful scenery as well as a lovely family atmosphere with everyone in camp! I will hunt with you again for sure, in BC as well as in other countries around the globe!"

Kenny (Sweden)



Moose in British Columbia (October 2018)

"Once again, I had the privilege to hunt moose with my friend and guide Yogi Rausch of JR Hunting in northern British Columbia. Yogi is a very experienced guide who I trust and am super happy to hunt with. I spent 10 days experiencing moose activity almost daily and because of my guide, I was blessed to harvest a beautiful bull. He made my hunt his priority and because of that and his positive attitude, I will continue to hunt with him. I highly recommend him without reservation!
Great times & Great Memories!"

Connie (Montana, USA)



Moose & Mountain Goat in British Columbia (September 2018)

"To sum it up, this type of hunting in unspoilt wilderness is the real deal! JR Hunting has great guides and these adventures are nothing for the lazy hunter. But those who seek challenging adventures in beautiful scenery should give it a try! And test shoot your rifle before the hunt at 250 plus yards. Life is too short not to try!"

Hans-Olov (Sweden)



Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan (August 2018)

"I found hunting with Yogi to be a great adventure. His organisational skills are some of the best I have experienced; there were no hassles with rifles, visas or permits etc. The outfitters used were professional and the food was excellent."

Mark (New Zealand)



Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan (July 2018)

"Once again my hunt with Yogi and the local team did not disappoint. I had the privilege of experiencing a beautiful environment, enjoyed great local hospitality, made an awesome friend and got me a cracking trophy Tur. Thank you JR Hunting and see you next year!!"

Mike (Australia)



Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan (July 2018)

"One can definitely speak of a “no worries package” when booking and hunting with Yogi from JR Hunting. A hunt in Azerbaijan can be very hard on the hunter and his gear and to be successful in harvesting a sought-after trophy in this challenging terrain requires perfect organisation and preparation. All this was provided perfectly by Yogi and his local crew. I am very thankful for this unique experience and am already looking forward to future hunting adventures with Yogi. Thanks Azerbaijan, thanks JR Hunting!"

Chris (Switzerland)



Buffalo in Mozambique (July 2018)

"Very intense and exciting hunt in WILD Africa. Big buffalo, hunted the way they should be hunted! Great food and service in a nice camp, great guides and trackers. A dream for many years that has finally been realised!"

Fredrik (Norway)



Buffalo in Mozambique (July 2018)

"We are satisfied! Nice camp and good food, great area, walk and stalk hunting like we wanted, great guides and trackers and awesome trophy quality! The PH was a great guy and very skilled in the important situations! Camp staff did a great job! And we were also able to experience many things apart from the hunt itself."

Torgeir (Norway)



Buffalo in Mozambique (June 2018)

"If my memory is correct it was late April and the year was 2000 and I was Yogi's very first client to guide solo. We were after one of them monster New Zealand fallows and Yogi did not disappoint. Fast forward 18 years and Yogi did it again, accept this time it was in Mozambique. You could not have asked for a better put together trip and that was a direct result of Yogi and his professionalism. The trip was everything he said it would be and the icing on the cake was a big old Dagga Boy. I could not have asked for anything more and being my first trip to Africa, Yogi made it all work smooth as silk. In my book, Yogi comes highly recommended."

Danny (California, USA)



Black bear in British Columbia (May 2018)

"During spring 2018 the hunt I had dreamt of for many years finally came true. I scouted the internet for options and quickly decided to chose JR Hunting as the organiser of my hunt, something I do not regret! Yogi always answered my many questions very quickly.
At the end of May, my 12 year old son and I traveled to Canada, where we met the very skilled outfitter who guided us during our hunt in some breathtaking terrain. Luck was on our side and we managed to harvest a bear each, one black bear of about 7.2 feet and one colorphase cinnamon black bear. A memory of a lifetime!
If you are considering black bear hunting in Canada, I can highly recommend JR Hunting!"

Johnny & Benjamin (Finland)



Buffalo in South Africa (May 2018)

"Thank you for a great and exciting hunting experience in South Africa."

Thomas (Sweden)



Buffalo in South Africa (May 2018)

"A great welcome and nice accommodations. Beautiful wilderness with lots of game and great hunting. Nice camaraderie with our skilled trackers and PHs. I will gladly return!"

Tomas (Sweden)



Plains game in South Africa (April 2018)

"This hunt with JR Hunting in South Africa was my first hunt ever. I had no idea what to expect.
But heck what an experience it was. Yogi and JR Hunting are very professional from start to finish, the same goes for all the PHs in camp who taught me a great understanding of hunting with lots of respect for game and nature.
I have now turned into a hardcore hunter and I am already thinking about my next trip with you guys.

Thank you very much Yogi and JR Hunting."

Alex (Sweden)



Buffalo in South Africa (April 2018)

"I had the great pleasure to spend a week together with JR Hunting in the Limpopo province of South Africa. My big dream for over 10 years now had been to hunt a big old Dagga Boy on foot in vast areas.
During the hunting week, we had a full moon and were also affected by a late rainy season which led to the game being active at night and resting in the thick bush during the day. More than once we were at only 20 yards from the buffalo, but due to the thick vegetation we could not make out the animals at all.
But then one early morning, our PH saw a piece of horn sticking out of a bush about 400 yards away and our brilliant trackers took us around the mountain and right to those buffalo. It was in the early morning hours during southern Africa's sunrise when it happened. An old Dagga Boy met my .470 NE bullet and did not make it very far after that. My dream had finally come true!
The camaraderie, the food and accommodation were absolutely amazing and I can truly recommend you guys to book with JR Hunting. My highest expectations were met at all times.
Because of that I have already booked another trip with JR Hunting to hunt this exact same area next year. Furthermore, I hope to be able to hunt Mozambique with them this fall as well."

Erik (Sweden)



Plains game in Namibia (April 2018)

"I am still a beginner when it comes to hunting, but the interest has been there all along in the background. I contacted Yogi on Facebook in November 2016 when I saw a picture of one of his cool JR Hunting caps. When he told me we would get one each if we booked a hunt with him, he truly got my attention. Our discussion went from black bear hunts in BC to hunting in Spain and finally ended up at hunting in Namibia, something that has fascinated me for a long time already because of the African continents variety in hunt-able game. After a few back and forth, my partner and I finally decided to book with JR Hunting for a hunt in Namibia. This was to be our first hunting trip abroad ever and we owe a great thank you to Yogi, who organised everything without any hassles and always answered our questions right away.

Then finally April 2018 came along and we boarded our flight to Namibia. When we arrived in camp, Yogi welcomed us personally and after getting organised in our rooms we went to shoot our rifles. Our lucky day was hunting day 2 when we managed to harvest a beautiful oryx, a great kudu as well as a red hartebeest. What a day, truly an experience of a lifetime!

Namibia over all, I can only say I would like to live here!"

Amanda (Finland)



Plains game in Namibia (April 2018)

"A big thank you for everything to JR Hunting and Yogi for a fantastic trip and really great hunting experiences in Namibia and also for a very well organised hunt!
We can highly recommend JR Hunting as a booking agent if you want to experience great hunting in Namibia. We are already thinking about coming back here in the future."

Christian, Jonas, & jakob (Sweden)



Mountain lion in Nevada (January 2018)

"My wife and I have met Yogi before on a previous hunt, but never got the privilege of actually hunting with him. At the SCI show we stopped by to say hello and to see where he was last. He said he just finished hunting mountain lions just a few hours away. Curious we had to get the details as we didn't realise it was a big thing in Nevada. After our chat we instantly booked a mountain lion Hunt with Yogi.
Everything went very smooth for us from the day we decided to do this hunt until the day we arrived. Any questions and concerns we had Yogi answered in a very timely manner. 
We flew into Las Vegas and he made the 4 hour drive to pick us up to make sure it was him and not someone we didn't know. This was after he had hunted all day long and could have easily turned in for the night and sent someone else.
The hunt over exceeded any expectations that we could have ever had. It was very rewarding and something we had to work for, but was a hunt we will never forget.
Yogi isn't just a guide and business owner, but he is someone who cares about your success and wants you to harvest the most mature animal. You will book your hunt with Yogi as a client, but you will leave your hunt with Yogi as a life long friend and wanting to book more world wide hunts with him. I know we are looking forward to our next adventure that we can hunt with JR Hunting.
Book with JR Hunting and you won't be disappointed."

Jesse (Iowa, USA)



Moose in British Columbia (September 2017)

"When I had made up my mind to travel to Canada to hunt for moose, I chose JR Hunting. A decision that I am very happy about. Having all these questions about the trip & hunt and being from Sweden, it was very nice to be able to communicate and receive information in Swedish so that I would not miss anything important. Yogi always replied fast and provided me with the necessary information in a very professional way. When I arrived in British Columbia, I was very well taken care of by the local staff.
If you want to experience breathtaking scenery, I can only recommend this trip. To be able to experience the full on moose rut at close range with big bulls fighting over cows is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Many many thanks JR Hunting for the awesome experience as well as my fantastic trophy bull!"

Erik (Sweden)



Mountain goat in British Columbia (September 2017)

"My goat hunt with Yogi was terrific! I was treated not as a woman, but respected as a fellow Hunter. Yogi is a top notch guide & kept my hunt & safety as top priority. I have hunted with him in the past & will for sure in the future. During my 10 day hunt I had no reason to question his abilities or his knowledge as my guide. I would recommend him with out reservation. Awesome Experience!!"

Connie (Montana, USA)



Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan (August 2017)

"Mountain hunting for sheep and goats is one of our biggest passions.
This was our third trip with Yogi, we have already hunted with him in New Zealand and the US.

When you book a trip with JR Hunting everything gets looked after perfectly, from start to finish. And in Azerbaijan this was no different. We met up with Yogi at the airport in Istanbul and continued on to Baku where we were greeted by his local partners who helped us declare our rifle without any hassle.

After a night in Baku we headed for the mountains, and it wasn't for long when we arrived in camp at about 2200 meters. With an amazing view from camp. Here we stayed in nice small tents with a very friendly and skilled team serving us delicious food and entertainment.

Our guides were talented and we were treated to an exciting hunt in the most amazing mountain scenery; this cannot be described, one has to experience it to understand. After a physically challenging hunt, we harvested a very nice tur. Everything from the animal was taken care of, literally everything. This was very interesting to watch.

After the hunt, we had a couple of days with great sightseeing in Sheki and Baku before we traveled back home.

We would like to strongly recommend JR Hunting and Yogi, whether you want to go to Azerbaijan or another one of his destinations. He stands for quality and credibility and delivers on his promises. This was for sure not our last trip together with him."

Nina & Trygve (Norway)



Spanish Ibex Grand Slam in Spain (April 2017)

"I made some initial enquiries after receiving a few JR Hunting newsletters and just couldn't stop thinking about some of the possibilities. Yogi answered and quoted promptly and before long I had confidence to book a Spanish Ibex Grand Slam plus mouflon, roe deer and boar. I got my Ibex Grand Slam plus the other three trophies booked all in one trip and excellent quality trophies and outfitters. There's really no need to try to book with outfitters directly since Yogi gets the best areas and packages set up for you upfront without any headaches. I was thrilled with my Spanish hunt and Yogi was a fun guy to have on the hunt. I have subsequently booked a Dagestan Tur, a BC hunt including Grizzly, Moose, Goat, Black bear, Mountain Reindeer, etc as well as Marco Polo in Asia. I'm sure I won't be disappointed and if I were worried then I wouldn't have booked with Yogi! The experience I've had up to now has been very good and I had a lot of fun on the hunt and now consider Yogi a friend rather than a client. I'll keep booking with him as I collect various trophies from around the world."

Mike (Australia)



Mountain lion in Nevada (January 2017)

"I was hunting mountain lion in Nevada in January 2017 with JR Hunting and 2 local guides. It was a amazing trip in the beautiful mountains of Nevada which were covert with a lot of snow. Everything worked perfectly, good dogs and good guides that know the area in and out. We hunted for cats hard every day, but the best part was of course on day 3 when we found a fresh track of a big lion! We put the dogs on the track and then the hard work started. We had to follow the dogs for the next 5-6 hours in the mountains to catch up with the tom, in order for us to get a good shot at it at about 5 meters when the dogs had put it up in a small pine tree. It was one of the best experiences in me hunting life and that is comparing it to hunts from all over the world. I can recommend this hunt 100%! If you have a dream of hunting a mountain lion, this is the place to go. Everything was perfect!"

Leif (Denmark)



Mountain lion in Nevada (January 2017)

Thanks for a great hunt and a huge cat! I've been hunting many years and in many countries, this was truly a great experience.
Your personal touch to this hunt is key and made it most memorable.
All the best."

Reinhard (South Africa)



Mountain lion in Nevada (January 2017)

"Such an exciting experience, a hunting trip I will remember for a long time. And to top it of I managed to harvest a beautiful mountain lion on the first try!
Thank you so very much!

Marion (Sweden)



Mountain goat in British Columbia (October 2016)

"Even though I had been on two previous hunts in British Columbia with different outfitters, my ever-lasting wish to harvest a mountain goat had not been realised. Despite being unsuccessful, I kept searching for another outfitter and ended up finding JR Hunting. I contacted Yogi Rausch looking for another mountain goat hunt. After a few emails and some information exchange, I knew I wanted to use JR Hunting for the next trip. I booked a mountain goat hunt with JR Hunting because the information provided was solid and the pictures and videos really impressed me. Yogi always answered my emails right away and was very helpful with providing detailed information. This made me look forward to our hunt together already as soon as I had booked it.
Upon arrival in Canada, I was picked up by Yogi on time at my hotel and we headed straight for camp. Unfortunately, the weather was bad and it snowed and was foggy for the first few days which left us with no chance to hunt at all. On day 5, we could finally attempt our first stalk. During the day, we spotted a group of nannies and kids as well as a few single animals. We climbed higher and Yogi found a billy bedded up high. We moved in closer and I could feel the adrenaline building up before Yogi gave me the go-ahead. Due to the open terrain, it ended up being a long shot, but the billy dropped in its tracks. It was already late in the day, so we had to hurry. But before we started skinning and butchering the animal, Yogi managed to take some great pictures as well as some video.
We only made it back to camp late that night, but everybody was still up and really excited wanting to congratulate me on my trophy. We celebrated for a while and told the other guys about our successful day.
For me this was an amazing hunting adventure - thanks to a great guide.
Once again Yogi, a big thank you for a great guided experience and all the help!
JR Hunting with their team and the professional assistance I can highly recommend.
Thank you very much!"

Winfried (Austria)



Moose, black bear, wolf in British Columbia (September 2016)

"Thanks a bunch Yogi for making my birthday gift to myself for my 40th birthday such a great experience! Top-notch effort and skills mixed with lots of searching and hiking made this trip complete when I was able to harvest my first ever BC trophy. To top it of at real close range after calling the bull in. Just the views and scenery made me speechless! Accommodations and food were excellent and everybody was very friendly!
This trip, I can recommend 100% to everybody else!
I will come back again in search for more trophies.

Jimmy (Sweden)



Roe buck in Sweden (August 2016)

"What a great job Yogi did from all the scouting of roe bucks pre-season to the organisation of the hunt! I could not have asked for a better guide/outfitter and I was welcomed into his family’s lake house with open arms. The food was amazing as was everything else!
Thanks Yogi for making my time in Sweden one to remember!
U rock :)"

Rachel (New Zealand)



Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan (August 2016)

"My tur hunt 2016 was a blast!
I booked this hunt at the start of the year with Yogi. I told him, I wanted a hunt that was great value for money and an amazing experience with some hard hunting. Well, this was beyond expectations!
Yogi did an amazing job from start to finish with having all the paper work needed to even coming along on the hunt with me. WOW!
He also filmed the hunt and I just received a copy of my video! Even better to be able to look back and experience it over and over again.
I am going back for sure!
Thanks again Yogi!

Rachel (New Zealand)



Plains game in Namibia (June 2016)

"Hi Joakim
Thank you for a great trip to Namibia!
My hunt in the remote and wild northern part of the country was very successful and exciting. I am very pleased that I was able to take nice trophies of kudu, eland and zebra among others. Especially hunting on foot and tracking the animals in this beautiful terrain was an incredible experience.
The hospitality in this place, beautiful camp, great food and variety of hunting opportunities in this stunning wilderness made for a great experience and safari.
I am already thinking of returning here one day soon.

Ezio (Italy)



Plains game and big game in South Africa (May 2016)

"It was a true pleasure hunting with Joakim and JR Hunting in Limpopo, South Africa. Well organised, exciting plains game and amazing night hunting. Looking forward to going back again."

Klas (Sweden)



Driven hunt in Spain (November 2015)

"Thank you Yogi, this was a blast.

A big thank you for a very well-organized hunt!

Yogi, thank you very much for this adventure. Very well organized!

Thanks Yogi, this was a very successful event. One is keen to try this again.

Yogi, thank you for a fantastic weekend.

The experience was one of a kind!
A big thank you to the organizers, people in charge and everybody else that made this trip so memorable."

Jacob, Gunnar, Ulf, Hasse, Terje, Erik, Jonas, Simon, Ulf, Håkan, Roger, Hans-Olov (Sweden)



Mountain goat in British Columbia (September 2015)

"It had always been my wish for my 60th birthday to hunt for mountain goat in the wilderness of British Columbia. With Yogi Rausch I had a good feeling about realizing my dream of a nice billy. After plenty of questions and quick answers, I booked my hunt through him. The fact that he accompanied me as a guide on my hunt also was a great bonus. In BC everything was arranged as discussed. Yogi told us we would hunt in a new part of the hunting area, an area where most likely nobody had hunted before. The autumn scenery and the endless wilderness with valleys and mountains was an unforgettable experience. And so were the sightings of many grizzly bears and other species as well. Everybody involved in this hunt did their utmost to help us and after a tough and exhausting mountain hunt I had reached my goal. A heavy 11-year-old billy had hit the dirt. I want to wish the whole crew continued success and thank you very much for your friendship!"

Ernst (Austria)



Roe buck in Sweden (August 2015)

"We want to thank you and your family so much for all the hospitality!! You guys were amazing!! We felt like family and loved our time here!! The hunting was so much fun!! We're both so pleased with the experience and the deer exceeded our expectations!! It was an amazing trip and we really loved experiencing a little bit of your life here, thank you so much!! Give your family hugs from us!! Can't wait to see you in October and go chasing mulies!!"

Mike & Chelsea (Nevada, USA)



Water buffalo in Australia (July 2015)

"The hunt in Australia was fantastic throughout the whole trip. Lovely accommodations, very good food and friendly service from everybody in camp. My guide's knowledge of where to find the big bulls and his experience in how to get close to them were truly impressive. The affluence of game was unbelievable."

Andreas (Sweden)



Black bear in British Columbia (May 2015)

"Compared to other booking agents, Yogi always answered all my questions without hesitation and was continuously on hand to help with any minor issues that occurred while on our bear hunt.
The hunt took place in fascinating scenery in the Rocky Mountains with an outstanding guide who knew exactly what he was doing. If you want to hunt for black bear I can definitely recommend JR Hunting.
Thanks Yogi!"

Victor (Sweden)



Beceite Ibex in Spain (May 2015)

"Now that I have settled into my normal every day routine, I wanted to send you a small THANK YOU for my recent Ibex Hunt in Spain that you accompanied me and filmed my hunt. The hunt was one of the best and most organized hunts I have ever accomplished! Your help and support is greatly appreciated, and I hope we have many more hunts between us.
Thank You and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!"

Joe (New Jersey, USA)



Red stag & fallow buck in New Zealand (April 2015)

"What an awesome hunting experience!
Fantastic scenery, great guides, lots of game, big trophies and friendly and service minded people that are easy to deal with.
A BIG THANK YOU to JR Hunting for the hunt of a lifetime!"

Mikael (Sweden)



Gredos Ibex in Spain (March 2015)


Thanks for arranging a great hunt for me and my family. I really appreciate your help from my first inquiry until we got home and you really made the effort to make us feel well looked after. Traveling with wife, mother in law and 3 daughters as non-hunting companions could be a challenge, but everything went smooth and it was a great experience to have my wife with me when stalking the ibex in the Gredos mountains. The choice of outfitter was excellent and we are all very pleased and are already planning our next hunt."

David (Sweden)



Mountain lion in British Columbia (January 2015)

"Thanks JR for a very enjoyable and exciting hunt!
The service was professional at all times and personal as well. I can highly recommend this hunt! Especially to hunters who enjoy hunting with skilled hounds. This is hunting at its best for very wild pray in breathtaking scenery."

Frank (Sweden)



Driven hunt in Spain (December 2014)

Thank you for a truly fantastic and well-organizedJR Hunting - Spain monteria hunting trip in beautiful terrain!

Spain offered nothing but the best: lots of game, great weather, good food and nice accommodations.
We will happily return there in the future!"

Claes (Sweden)



Moose and wolf in British Columbia (October 2014)

"Dear Yogi
When my brothers and I decided to go to Canada to hunt a big moose, a friend of us recommended the hunt to be organized by JR Hunting.
We could not be more glad to have chosen JR. From the very first moment after booking it, we received lots of practical and useful information to prepare ourselves for this amazing experience.
Since our arrival at Grande Prairie Airport, where Yogi was waiting for us, the way in which the outfitter, guides and their families looked after us was remarkable. The camps were comfortable, the food delicious and the people very friendly.
The ten days of hunting were hard, but JR's guys never gave up and we were rewarded.
The hunt took place in woodland with beautiful scenery; we had sun, rain and even snow what made hunting even more exciting. We saw white tail deer, foxes, lynxes and a grizzly bear. JR's guides were really knowledgeable of the animals and their habitat.
On the second day I missed a great opportunity to take a beautiful moose as I messed up with my shooting stick.
A few days later, at about 250 meters, we saw a big bull calling. There were other bulls and cows around too. The guide asked me to shoot and I did. Initially the animal carried on walking, and when I was getting ready for my second shot the bull turned around and went down...my feelings in that moment can only be understood by a hunter! We had delicious moose meat for dinner that evening!
Finally a big thank you to Yogi and the people of Canada for making our first hunting trip to British Columbia so special and unforgettable.
A grizzly bear is our next challenge and of course we are looking forward to having JR Hunting at our side.
Looking forward to seeing you again on a hunting trip in Canada or somewhere else in the world!"

Alvaro (Spain)



Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan (August 2014)

you were a tremendous help in referring and executing our Dagestan Tur mountain hunt. This hunt was, byJR Hunting - Azerbaijan tur far, the most physically challenging hunt either my dad or I have ever experienced. You gave us the confidence in your local contacts, provided an excellent understanding of what to expect during the hunt, and helped find our Tur on the mountain at 350 yards before our heart and spine shots. Thank you for making this once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity possible, and we would strongly recommend this hunt for those looking for a physically and mentally challenging extreme mountain hunt."

Chris & Pat (California, USA)



Roe buck in Sweden (August 2014)

"Hi Yogi

For the first couple of days of our vacation in Sweden, we had booked a roe buck hunt for one of the trophy bucks in your hunting area. The warm embrace of you and your family made us feel at home right away. InJR Hunting - Sweden roe buck the evening prior to the start of the hunt, we went for a walk and did some scouting in the area. We managed to spot plenty of roe deer, some good bucks as well as a few moose. The roe deer rut was almost over which opened up for some calling tactics in order to try to get a big buck still in search for a doe to come into shooting range.

The next morning on August 16, opening day of the roe buck season in Sweden, we stalked through the hunting area at first light. Conditions were perfect, but at first we did not see any bucks, just some does and a fox. After about an hour, while stalking along a creek amongst some fields, we spooked a doe and fawn which almost made us leave this part of the area to try our luck somewhere else. But instead a big buck moved out of the timber wondering who was chasing his does around. This gave us a second chance and we managed to call the buck in to about 70 yards. One shot and the buck went down! All of us were really excited when we finally saw the beautiful, massive and gnarly trophy this old buck was carrying. Truly hunting at its finest! The remaining days, we spent sightseeing, fishing and visiting with your family and relatives in the stunning archipelago outside of Stockholm.

Thank you very much for those wonderful days."

Peter (Germany)



Water buffalo, scrub bull & boar in Australia (July 2014)

"I am very happy with the result of this trip and the trophies I harvested. My guide was a skillful hunting guide and I am impressed with how good he was at judging the trophy size on the buffalo. I could not haveJR Hunting - Australia water buffalo asked for a better guy than him. The outfitter and other people in camp were all very friendly and I was pampered and taken care of very well.
There are of course many stories to tell, but we looked around for a few days before we managed to find a buffalo that was better than average. There were many water buffalo in the area we hunted and we passed up a bunch of them before we finally on day 3 found a very nice bull. When we decided to take my buffalo, there was not much drama involved even though these critters are hard to kill. Same goes for the scrub bull that needed a few shots before it went down. Furthermore I managed to harvest a very nice wild boar!
To make a long story short, I am very pleased with the hunt itself, the trophies I harvested as well as my time in camp!"

Ole Egil (Norway)



Winter wolf hunt in British Columbia (February 2014)

"We are extremely pleased with this exciting wolf hunt we had in B.C.! Friendly guides, beautiful scenery,JR Hunting - British Columbia wolf great food and service.

I was fortunate to get to see 10 wolves the first evening of which I took a black one.

Before this wolf hunt, I had been on a few others and only seen wolf tracks.

I can strongly recommend this camp and will definitely return in the future!"

André (Sweden)



Mountain lion in British Columbia (January 2014)

"This was already the second time I went hunting with Yogi Rausch and JR Hunting. This trip was forJR Hunting - British Columbia mountain lion mountain lion in south-eastern B.C., on my first hunt I went to get a moose in north-eastern B.C. After my first successful trip arranged by Yogi, I didn't have to think twice of whom I wanted to book my cougar hunt with. Even this time everything was perfect and I got the hunt and animal I came for. The services provided by JR Hunting is what I call "second to none"!"

Mattias (Sweden)



Gredos Ibex and Mouflon in Spain (September 2013)

"Two years ago at a hunting convention in Las Vegas, I met with Yogi to go over our Hunt in Australia and the upcoming Roe Deer hunt in his home country of Sweden!  At the convention [that my wife attended with me] we discussed another European type hunt that I may be interested in where 1) the animal would be horned or antlered, 2) the area would have to be scenic, diversified, possibly contain a lot of history, and where my non-hunting wife would be comfortable and find it enjoyable.  After a small pause, Yogi said I have the perfect hunt/vacation for you to go to. He then proceeded to bring myself and my wife over to meet with his outfitter for hunts in Spain. After meeting and talking with the outfitter for about an hour, we set up and booked a seven day combined hunt for Gredos Ibex and Mouflon Sheep, along with three days of touring. The hunt/tour we experienced was a perfect ten! Not only did I take good trophy quality animals, the outfitter took both of us on great first class tours of that part of Spain. We toured historic villages and areas that tourists would not see with a tour group or even on their own. And as a bonus, I was able to enjoy a bird hunt in a small town, known for its vineyards. As what is becoming normal with hunts/trips coordinated by Yogi, it was first class and better yet, has my wife asking, WHEN ARE WE GOING BACK!"

Joe (New Jersey, USA)



Brown bear & black bear in Alaska (September 2013)

"Ever since I was a young boy have I dreamt about traveling to Alaska for a bear hunt and also to get to experience the Last Frontier. Following the motto that one should never wait to long when wanting to do things you wish for, I booked my Alaska trip with JR Hunting as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday. We were a group of four guys traveling together and a lot of expectations and excitement preceded the hunt. When we all met up at the airport to start our trip to Alaska, one could really feel the excitement in the air! Of course we had a lot of expectations, but did not really know what we were in for as far as hunting and wildlife experiences and the great camaraderie we would share with our fantastic guides and outfitter. After five hunting days my main target had hit the ground, a big brown bear got to meet the stopping power of my .375. Since I also had a black bear license, we shifted camps and reorganized. From sleeping in a tent camp at a big lake in a huge coastal mountain range, we got moved to the outfitter's main coastal camp for a black bear hunt in the fjords. Both black bear hunting and salmon fishing now were the main things on our daily schedule. To be able to experience these kind of hunting adventures along with breathtaking scenery will forever be embedded in my memories when looking back at this trip! These kind of hunts do not come cheap and naturally one will question if it is worth spending this much money on a hunting trip. Looking back I can only say...it was worth every single penny!! Of course, we probably were really lucky with how everything worked out weather- and hunting-wise, but when you in hindsight can tick off all the expectations you had about the trip, there is really only one thing left to say: I would definitely do this again! JR Hunting has been a great help for us before, during and after the hunt. Both JR Hunting and the outfitter did all they could in order to provide us with the best possible hunting experiences at all times! Memories for life!"

Gudbrand (Norway)



Brown bear & black bear in Alaska (September 2013)

"Hi Yogi!
For about two years we had been planning this hunting trip to Alaska. There are many outfitters and companies to choose from, but because of a good reference we decided to book with you and your contacts. It proved to be spot on! Very professional and friendly guides who did anything in their power to make our hunt a success and at the same time give us a great overall experience. The terrain we hunted in was breathtaking and with both the weather gods and the hunting goddess Diana on our side it turned out to be a big success. All of us managed to get great trophies, but even more importantly we were all rewarded with memories for life from a fantastic country. What will our next trip be..? That we can discuss a little later!
Many thanks!"

Fredrik (Norway)



Roe buck in Sweden (August 2013)

"Thank you again for the hunt and experience of a lifetime!

We organized a hunting trip through Yogi as part of our honeymoon. There was never any problems whenSweden roebuck booking and you made the experience run very smoothly even recommending various tourist attractions for our time in Sweden. The whole hunting experience was very professional and a lot of fun! We had such a good time with Yogi and also his very accommodating family. You also prepared the roe buck trophy for us so we could bring it home through customs and having it transferred directly to our taxidermist back home in New Zealand. Yogi you made this experience, which sometimes can be daunting, very easy with no hassles at all.

We had a great time and would strongly recommend a trip with JR Hunting in the future as we will be doing more hunting trips abroad based on this experience."

James & Jahola (New Zealand)



Dall sheep in Alaska (August 2013)

Thanks for a hunt of a life time!
As you know after talking with my son that I was looking to do a Dall sheep hunt, he said you need to get in touch with JR Hunting! When contacting you, there was no hesitation from you getting back to me and to get things rolling. You said Alaska is where I needed to go and that you had just the guy. You were very helpful with getting me in contact with the outfitter, providing references and contracts then checking throughout the months leading up to the hunt, making sure I was all set. Then also checking in with me right after the hunt. You know, that let me know even more you did care on what I was doing and new the dates I was in and out of the hunt and not just a number. Hats off to you! It's always somewhat hard picking outfitters and where to go. This was my first time using a booking service and won't be the last.
The outfitter and I had a great time in the mountains of Alaska working hard to get on a sheep of a life time for me. His gear and knowledge of the animals and the area were top notch. You told me I should get in as good of shape as I can for this hunt. No kidding! Not always do you get the inside details on things provided to help make your hunt a good one."

Steve (Vermont, USA)



Water buffalo & boar in Australia (July 2013)

wanted to thank you for a hunt of a lifetime! Our water
JR Hunting - Australia water buffalobuffalo hunt in Australia in June was the best hunt I have ever been on! Your knowledge of the animals and the land is beyond professional. You are a great guide and know how to take care of your hunters. I hope you are doing well and good luck on your future hunts. I hope we will get another opportunity to go on another hunt with you in the future. Thanks again!"

Mark (Virginia, USA)



Plains game and big game in Namibia (November 2012)

"Thanks for another outstanding hunting trip!
It was the second time this year I went to Namibia.JR Hunting Namibia cheetah What an amazing place with its vast wilderness! The service and hunting possibilities there are unbelievably good! Unfortunately, we did not get a hyena this time, even though we had one hitting the bait. But the plains game hunting paid off and within one week I managed to harvest a steenbok, eland, duiker, springbok, damara dik-dik and also a huge cheetah! What a success! I can only recommend Namibia as a hunting destination!"

Pontus (Sweden)



Touring and plains game hunting in South Africa (November 2012)

"Thank you for a great time in South Africa!
We had a blast touring the country visiting Cape Town, Johannesburg, the Kruger Park and also Swaziland. The people and their culture, the sights, scenery and wildlife were truly amazing and our families got to experience so much more than what we had expected! And to put some icing on the cake, at the end of our trip both of us managed to harvest a beautiful zebra each in the stunning Waterberg Mountains of the Limpopo Province. Being novice huntresses, the whole experience from scouting, to tracking, stalking and finally harvesting those beautiful animals was a great rush and exciting adventure. Hospitality and service in camp were one of a kind and we cannot wait to return to this amazing place in the near future!"

Madeleine (Germany) & Gunilla (Sweden)



Moose, elk and wolf in British Columbia (October 2012)

Thanks for an awesome hunting trip and all the help and great travel companionship in British Columbia!
When I had decided to hunt a big moose in Canada I started researching a bunch of booking agents here in Scandinavia as well as outfitters in Canada in order to find out as much as I could about the different areas and prices for the different alternatives since I definitely wanted to find something with a serious set-up and good quality. I originally came in contact with JR Hunting by accident at the time when I wasJR Hunting British Columbia moose most into searching for a serious operator for my trip to British Columbia. Already from the first contact I had with Yogi it felt very good and once I had received more information regarding the hunt I was sure that JR Hunting was the right choice for me. From the time when I landed in Canada where Yogi picked me up at the airport and throughout the entire trip I was met by great service like I hadn't encountered anywhere before. Everything was superb!! The hunt took place in some great terrain with beautiful scenery which only made the hunt more exciting. And when we managed to call in the big bull to about 30 yards...and I managed to shoot it, it just felt great!! I can recommend JR Hunting to anybody wanting to go on a hunting trip in the future! Everything is about service, quality, friendliness and especially great knowledge about the game and their habitat. I want to conclude this with a big THANK YOU to Yogi for making my first hunting trip to British Columbia a success! This will definitely not be my last trip because I am looking forward to many more adventures together.
Once again, thank you very much for a fantastic time in Canada!"

Mattias (Sweden)



Moose, elk and wolf in British Columbia (September 2012)

I just wanted to say thanks for an excellent hunt inJR Hunting British Columbia moose British Colombia! Camp life was great. The hunting was hard, but the guys never gave up and we were rewarded! Everyone gave 100% from the cooks to the guides, can't wait to go back for a grizzly! Thanks again!"

Dave (New York, USA)



Roe buck in Sweden (August 2012)

Thank you for a great time!
It's not common to have a non-hunting spouseJR Hunting Sweden roebuck accompany a hunting partner on a hunt and have HER give rave reviews. We both had the hunt/tour of a lifetime. The country, scenery, people, hunting area were exceptional. Your expertise of the area, culture, game was greatly appreciated by the both of us. The amount and quality of roe deer was a pleasant experience. Lorraine can't get over how great of a time we had because of you and your family! Again, thank you!
If you need me to talk to anyone who is contemplating a roe deer hunt in Sweden with you, PLEASE give them my name and contact information. Thanks for a truly unique experience!"

Joe & Lorraine (New Jersey, USA)


Tahr, chamois and red stag in New Zealand (May 2012)


Thanks for a great hunt! We had a super time.JR Hunting New Zealand tahr Especially enjoyed the Tahr and Chamois hunts. I could have gone one more day if we had to on the Chamois. Felt pretty good the next morning. Those were two days of some good hiking, that last day was some wicked stuff! But it all worked out in the end. Maybe we will hunt again someday, three times now and counting, always fun and good memories. Thanks again for an awesome hunt!"

Terry (Kansas, USA)



Plains game in Namibia (April 2012)


"Thanks for an awesome week of hunting!JR Hunting Namibia mountain zebra

Everything worked out great and Namibia is a spectacular country.

The hunt for mountain zebra was unbelievably exciting and my tracker was one of the best I have ever seen!"

Pontus (Sweden)



Water buffalo in Australia (July 2011)

"The hunting experience in the Outback of Australia was amazing. The area is impressive not only because of its size but also because of its variety in landscapes, especially the numerous riverbeds, waterholes and the constantly changing rock formations, of which some JR Hunting Australia water buffaloare decorated with old aboriginal paintings. The number of buffalo on the property is extraordinary; during our first hunting day we already saw way more than 100 buffalo, of which a good number also were old and more importantly mature trophies. Our guide, Yogi Rausch, is therefore in the advantageous position of being able to take his clients on numerous stalks per day sneaking up on mature trophies. Here it is regarded as very important to not only harvest great trophies, but mature ones as well; my first bull was clearly older than 20 years, if not 25. The hunt is very well organized, so that you can expect to harvest at least one good bull within your 5 hunting days. Together with my son, I managed to harvest one good boar and three big buffalo during our hunt.

The accommodation is new, well run and offers all the comfort that a person could wish for. The lodge is professionally managed with a laundry service, meals and beverages, but on the other hand the atmosphere is nice and warm almost like you are spending time with family and friends.

In short: The hunt in Australia with JR Hunting is something I can highly recommend."

Ernst-Otto (Germany)



Water buffalo & boar in Australia (July 2011)

"The hunt in Australia was great. The hunting area is very impressive due to its variety and the large JR Hunting Australia wild boarnumber of buffalo. We managed to harvest 3 big bulls and 1 boar during our week of hunting. Yogi Rausch has a vast knowledge of hunting here and does not mind sharing it with his clients. The accommodation is spacious, well run and you will enjoy any comfort. The food is great and you will dine in a family atmosphere, for breakfast as well as for dinner. If need be also for lunch, otherwise a lunchpack will be made for the hunt.

I will always remember this hunting trip with joy!"

Matthias (Germany)



Water buffalo, scrub bull & boar in Australia (June 2011)

"Great experience...great hunt...one of the best guides I have ever had..."

Joe (New Jersey, USA)



Red stag & fallow buck in New Zealand (March 2011)

"I would highly recommend this destination for both the novice and experienced hunter. You will experience enough challenging terrain for the young hunter and good access to game for the older hunter. The red stag JR Hunting New Zealand fallow buckpopulation is exceptional in number, diversity and quality. The fallow deer are significant in number and include good diversity in color. My guide was experienced, knowledgeable and put me in excellent positions to be successful. He listened to what I was looking for on both my stag and fallow hunts and delivered. The lodging was first rate with the food being ample and in good quality. You can bring your spouse to this hunting camp whether they like hunting themselves or not. It is clear, quiet, well run and provides wonderful views. The owner and staff are very friendly, attentive and mix a bit of fun with your dream stag/fallow hunt. I give this hunting camp 5 out of 5 stars."

Tom (Wisconsin, USA)



Mountain lion in Idaho (January 2011)

"We were two norwegian hunters who in january of 2011 travelled to Idaho to hunt mountain lion after meeting with Yogi from JR Hunting who had booked this trip for us and who had helped us with lots of useful tips.

After a short flight on a two-seated supercub across some fantastic wilderness from Hamilton in Montana we made it to camp. Here we met up with the outfitter who is a walking dictionary when it comes to JR Hunting USA Idaho sceneryknowledge of nature, hunting and the wild. Our experience was 110% positive from start to finish. Great home-cooked meals and a fantastic atmosphere in a totally secluded place in the wilderness. The hunt itself is physically challenging with 6-10 hour hiking days to cover a lot of country looking for fresh tracks. The terrain does not allow for any motorized vehicles so this is real hunting, on foot and in the wild! The outfitter has great hounds and unbelievable knowledge of the area.

We had pretty tough conditions on this hunt with there being very little snow for that time of year, as little as there hadn't been in the past 20 years. Our guide handled this problem quite well by changing tactics and we managed to get a great cat after an exciting hunt.

I have already booked my next trip to Idaho for 2013 and can definitely recommend this destination for wapiti, whitetail, muledeer and mountain lion.

An absolutely fantastic wilderness and a great adventure."

Trygve (Norway)



Mountain lion in Idaho (January 2011)

"This is a fantastic experience. Here you are guaranteed an adventure and you have the wilderness to yourself. The area consists of smaller mountain ranges with timber on the northern slopes and pretty barran on the southern slopes. This is where you can spot and watch plenty of game like elk, whitetail and muledeer.JR Hunting USA Idaho cougar The accommodations are of the simple kind but in very good condition. You have your own little cabin to sleep in and there is a big cabin where they serve you fantastic home-cooked meals. Hunting the mountain lion will be done on foot. It is important to realize that there will be long and hard hikes ahead of you. 8-9 hours a day in challenging terrain. You should be in relatively good physical shape. The outfitter/guide is a great man and what he doesn't know about the game in this area you don't need to know. This hunt is exciting and challenging.

And it requires patience. I had walked about 12 miles before we got lucky. But as a reward I got to shoot a fantastic mountain lion that was heavy and about 8 years old. I have never before been so worn out and happy at the same time about harvesting a trophy. And I think I still haven't realized what happened quite yet :-)

This is something that just has to be experienced."

Henning (Norway)



Moose, elk and black bear in British Columbia (September 2010)

"I can only recommend JR Hunting and the hunting JR Hunting British Columbia moosetrips they arrange. Yogi Rausch knows what he is selling and he has personally visited the destinations. There are no bad surprises and this way you can pick something that works just for you. My trip to Canada recently was as I expected a positiv experience and I will ask Yogi for advice in many of my future hunting trips."

Pontus (Sweden)