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South Africa

The rugged bushveld in the Limpopo Province of northern South Africa forms part of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Nature Reserve and is one of the world's richest ecosystems. Right here in this premier wildlife area about 4 hours north of Johannesburg is where we bring you some of the finest big and small game hunting that South Africa has to offer! Our outfitter JR Hunting South Africa sceneryin this beautiful corner of Africa hunts 13 000 hectares of idyllic terrain set in the heart of the Waterberg mountains. This private hunting area boast 18 species of antelope and four of the Big Five as well as two luxurious lodges to complete your dream safari holiday destination. Hunting and outfitting have been a very important part in this family-run operation ever since the start more than 20 years ago. Upon your arrival in Johannesburg, you will be picked up at the airport by one of our staff and transferred to the hunting area. It is approximately a 3.5 hour drive before you reach the scenic hunting grounds in the Waterberg mountains in the heart of the Limpopo Province. The abundance of animals in this area is fascinating and you will view large numbers of plains game such as Kudu, Eland, Gemsbok, Impala, Waterbuck, Zebra, Blesbuck, Blue Wildebeest and even a few of the rarer species such as Nyala and Sable. In addition to this you will also be able to enjoy big game species such as Elephant, White Rhino, Cape Buffalo and Leopard. 


Whether you are a passionate regular or this is your first trip to southern Africa, spectacular views and lush valleys will accompanyJR Hunting South Africa hunter you on breathtaking stalks when you pursue your most desired African game! The outfitter's team of professional staff is trained to assist you in every aspect of your stay. Your professional hunter and trackers will guide you throughout your hunt and the helpful camp staff as well as a professional chef will ensure that you are more than comfortable while back at camp. Hunts in this vast area are conducted on foot with spot and stalk being the main method of hunting and with open top 4x4 vehicles to assist transport and animal retrieval. Every aspect of your hunt from sighting in your rifle to guiding, tracking, skinning and preparing your trophies for export is well taken care of.

Species available in this area:

African Wild Cat, Blue Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Civet, Genet, Honey Badger, Klipspringer, Red Hartebeest, Steen buck, Warthog, Zebra, Baboon, Brown Hyena, Bush pig, Eland, Giraffe, Impala, Kudu, Nyala, Reedbuck, Tssesebe, Waterbuck, Blesbuck, Cape Buffalo, Caracal, Elephant, Grey Duiker, Jackal, Leopard, Oryx, Sable, Vervet Monkey, White Rhino

Species on concession nearby:

Hippo, Lion, Crocodile

Usually plains and big game hunts last for at least 7 days, while some hunts for dangerous game require a minimum of 14 to 21 days. Hunting dates might be adapted to meet individual needs.

The area provides great hunting for both rifle and bow hunters, with excellent blinds positioned in close proximity to strategic spots in order to ensure good success for archery hunters also. As always, JR Hunting South Africa kuduthe best rifle to bring is the one that you are most comfortable with, but for dangerous game the minimum caliber required is .375 h&h. For plains game hunting the calibers .270, .308, .30-06 or .300 work well. Shooting distances range up to about 160 yards and we advise you to practice standing up shooting off shooting sticks since this is common on hunts in Africa. Even though hunting can take place all year round in this area, rifle hunters will enjoy hunting from the middle of March to the end of September. During this period there are fewer leaves on the trees so the animals are much easier to spot and as it is our winter the temperatures are cooler as well. The best time for bow hunters is between June and October in the dry months.

Weather conditions

September, October, April, and May are spring and autumn months. Temperatures vary from 32°F to 74°F. There is little or no rain with now leaves or leaf fall and it is quite cold at night.

November, December, January, February, and March are our summer months and it is very hot from 50°F to 95°F. This is the rainy season when the bush is thick and green. Brief afternoon thundershowers and lightning are common.

June, July, August, and September are the winter months and the temperatures vary from 26°F to 65°F. It is the dry season and few leaves make game viewing and hunting easier. The bush is dry and mostly brown and the nights are very cold.


There are two fantastically situated camps in this area, each with a different yet outstanding atmosphere specifically designed to meet the guest's comfort and pleasure. Both camps have been JR Hunting South Africa campconstructed from local stone and wood and offer some pure rustic luxury. Each room is fully equipped with all the modern conveniences. Delicious meals are prepared for you every night by our own professional chef and kitchen staff. And of course you will enjoy at least one typical South African "braai" (BBQ) while sipping your favorite sundowner. Both lodges offer pool areas, luscious lawns, a "lapa" with fireplaces as well as dining areas and bars.

Few places in the world will touch and inspire you as this beautiful land will. There are also over 270 bird species and an abundance of indigenous trees in this region which makes it the ideal place to get as close to nature as humanly possible. So whether you want to soak up the spectacular views, marvel at the prolific birdlife, savor the diverse and rare flora or fulfill your African hunting desires, this is the place to visit in order to make your dream come true!

If you wish to bring your own firearm to hunt with us in South Africa, JR Hunting will supply you with all the necessary information and travel documents prior to the hunt. Otherwise, if you prefer not to travel with a firearm, we do have rifles available in camp that you can use.

We can only recommend you to come to South Africa and hunt with us in this beautiful and pristine place and experience the people, great service and food as well as the unique hunting area our outfitter has to offer! Just as much as we at JR Hunting are committed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, our partner in the Limpopo Province will take excellent care of you as a client and your trophies until shipping.

So if you are interested in a hunt with us in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on prices, accompanied hunting trips and available hunting dates! Do not forget to check out more pictures from our South Africa hunts in the JR Hunting photo gallery!