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NEWSLETTER #07 (2016)


Hey folks!

And welcome to another JR Hunting Newsletter for 2016!

We just recently returned from a very successful tour through North America hunting in Canada as well as a couple different states in the US. Our British Columbia moose and mountain goat hunts turned out to be very successful and we had a blast on the deer and elk hunts in the US as well! With that being said, we are looking forward to a relaxed holiday season before we get right back into it in early January chasing mountain lions with our clients.
Make sure to check out the pictures and offers we have listed for you here below and do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding any of these hunts.



Our 2016 season in north-eastern British Columbia was a very successful one with once again many big bulls hitting the dirt! Make sure to join us on these action-packed hunts during the rut in the stunning wilderness of B.C.! Depending on the time of year, our moose hunts can be combined with hunts for mountain goat, elk, wolf, black and grizzly bear. Our fall moose hunts are very popular and we only have a few prime spots available every season! BOOKING NOW FOR THE LAST FEW AVAILABLE OPENINGS IN 2017!

> Please contact us for further information and available dates!

> Follow this link and watch a video of us hunting moose in British Columbia!



Have you ever tried catching a big shark from shore? It is quite the thrill! And the good news is, that one can combine this adventure with our great plans game hunts in northern Namibia! You can take numerous game species during the same trip and also combine this with some dangerous game hunts for leopard, cheetah, lion and hyena! Certain species, like the Damara Dik-Dik and the Hartman's Mountain Zebra, can only be found and hunted here! There is some great free-range on foot hunting available for numerous species! Our lodge caters to individuals as well as bigger groups and affordable plains game package deals are available. Make sure to book your hunt for 2017 now already!

> Contact us for further information, prices, dates, etc!

> Follow this link and check out some pictures from our trips to Namibia!



We have some great hunting opportunities available across parts of the western US where we hunt for whitetail, elk, mule deer and pronghorn! Some of these hunts are backpack or horseback backcountry hunts in breathtaking wilderness areas whereas others are more relaxed on foot stalk or blind hunts on private land. Some of these hunts also offer the possibility to hunt for coyotes along with the main species. We are continuously expanding our hunting destinations and collaborations, so please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding trophy hunting in the USA.

> Please contact us for further information and available species!

> Follow this link and watch a video of us hunting mule deer in the US!



Come and join us in New Zealand for some of the best monster red stag hunts this paradise in the southern hemisphere has to offer! Enjoy the beauty of the green rolling hills and the rugged snowcapped mountains on the South Island while hunting for majestic and heavy-horned red stags on our exclusive private land hunts! We can guarantee you top-notch service and outstanding trophies as well as a great time in the field. Make sure to secure your spot for next year's rut now already! Combination hunts available for tahr, chamois, fallow buck and wapiti!

> Please contact us for further information regarding these hunts!

> Follow this link and watch a short teaser video of us hunting in New Zealand!



Kyrgyzstan offers some very reasonably priced combination hunts for Marco Polo Argali and Ibex. We hunt in the south-eastern part of the country in areas with high game numbers and good trophy quality! Every season there are a few spots available on our accompanied trips, when we join our hunters in their quest for these majestic animals in their rugged mountain habitat. Let us know if you want to come along! Argali and ibex are also available on single-species hunts.

> Please contact us for further information regarding dates & prices!



Come and hunt big kudu with us in the beautiful and rugged Waterberg mountains of northern South Africa! This rough and mountainous terrain is home to some of the biggest kudu bulls southern Africa has to offer and we know just how to hunt them. On foot in the deep valleys and in the furthest corners of our concession! That is where they live and that is where one will find them. Make sure to book your dream kudu hunt now in order to experience this exciting chase for Africa's grey ghost!

> Please contact us for further information regarding dates & prices!

> Follow this link and check out some pictures from our trips to South Africa!



Explore Turkey, where hunters can enjoy stalking for big majestic Bezoar Ibex as well as massive Wild Boar among other species. We only hunt the best areas in the country, areas that have been managed by the same outfitter for many years and where trophy quality is prime! Great hospitality and service are paired with top guiding experience and knowledge of game and its habitat in order to enable hunters to fulfil their dream of harvesting big mature trophies. Make sure to let us know if you are interested in joining us on one of our accompanied trips!

> Please contact us for further information regarding these hunts!



Alongside our trophy ibex hunts in Spain, we are also able to offer you great hunts for non-trophy ibex! You will be hunting the same areas as for trophy ibex, but will be targeting young non-trophy Beceite ibex males as well as old and non-productive Beceite ibex females. Enjoy great Spanish traditions with exceptional hospitality and cuisine as well as exciting spot and stalk hunts in breathtaking scenery! THERE IS LIMITED AVAILABILITY ON THESE HUNTS EVERY SEASON AS WELL, SO MAKE SURE TO LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

> Please contact us for more information regarding these hunts!

> Follow this link and watch a short video of us hunting ibex in Spain!

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See you guys in the bush.
Yogi Rausch