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NEWSLETTER #06 (2014)


Hi folks!

Here goes the latest JR Hunting Newsletter for you guys to browse through. Make sure to check out the offers we have listed for you below!


JR Hunting - Spain ibex

Come and join us in Spain for high-quality trophy ibex hunting in some of the best areas this country has to offer! Enjoy great spanish traditions with exceptional hospitality and cuisine as well as highly successful spot and stalk hunts for big mature ibex! We hunt all four different ibex available in Spain and can even organize a Spanish Grand Slam for you if you want to harvest all four species in one trip!

> Please contact us for more information regarding these hunts!


JR Hunting - New Zealand tahr chamois

Explore New Zealand with us for some of the best tahr and chamois hunts one can find in this hunting paradise in the southern hemisphere! Enjoy the beauty of the rugged snowcapped mountains on the South Island while hunting for the majestic Himalayan tahr and Alpine chamois on our exclusive private land hunts! We can guarantee you top-notch service and outstanding trophies as well as a great time in the field. There are still a few openings available during next year's season, but do not wait too long or you will miss out.

> Please contact us for further information regarding these hunts!


JR Hunting - Azerbaijan tur

If you are still searching for an extreme mountain adventure, we have got the real deal for you! In the rugged backcountry of Azerbaijan, we can offer you some amazing hunts for the majestic Dagestan Tur in some very challenging habitat. These hunts have been really successful in the past and are very reasonably priced for a mountain hunt in central Asia. We have an accompanied trip scheduled for the end of August 2015 and only a couple more spots available. Make sure to let us know if you are interested!

> Please contact us for further information regarding dates & prices!


JR Hunting - Alaska Dall sheep

In the past we have harvested some outstanding rams in the Talkeetna Mountain Range of Alaska! If you want to join us on one of these exciting backpack hunts, make sure to book your spot now. Only a few tags are available every year, so do not miss out! We also offer spring hunts for coastal brown and black bears as well as combination hunts in the fall for moose, mountain goat, wolf, brown and black bear.

> Make sure to let us know if you are interested! Please contact us for more information!


JR Hunting - Kyrgyzstan ibex

Kyrgyzstan offers some very reasonably priced combination hunts for marco polo argali and ibex. We hunt in the south-eastern part of the country in areas with high game numbers and good trophy quality! Every season there are a few spots available on our accompanied trips, when we join our hunters in their quest for these majestic animals in their rugged mountain habitat. Let us know if you want to come along! Marco Polo and ibex are also available on single-species hunts.

> Please contact us for further information regarding dates & prices!


JR Hunting - Spain monteria

We just finished a very successful driven hunt (Monteria) in southern Spain, where 10 hunters harvested 124 animals in two days! These are great long-weekend trips for bigger groups that enjoy action-packed driven hunts as well as great spanish traditions with big game drives for red deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar alongside exceptional hospitality and cuisine. We have a couple of big accompanied driven hunts planned for the end of 2015, so make sure to let us know if you want to be part of this traditional spanish hunting event!

> Please contact us for more information regarding these hunts!

Make sure to check out some footage from our hunts by following this link JR HUNTING on YouTube We are constantly adding new hunting videos to our portfolio and have recently added an Alaska coastal bear hunt from last fall as well as our roebuck hunt in Sweden from this summer!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

See you guys in the bush


Yogi Rausch