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Newsletter #05 (2013)


Hi folks!

At the end of july, we returned from almost 2 months of hunting the Outback of Australia for big water buffalo and wild boar. We had a great season down under and took many big mature trophies with our hunters! Now in august we have been busy with roebuck hunts in Sweden and come september, we are headed to British Columbia and Alaska for some much anticipated bear, elk and moose hunts with our clients! Exciting times ahead..!



> These are some of the great trophies we took while hunting down under this season! Make sure to come and hunt with us in the Northern Territory of Australia in the future! In the remote Outback, we only hunt private land with great numbers of giant water buffalo as well as big wild boar!

> Please contact us for further information, the best dates, etc!



> One of our clients recently harvested this outstanding ram in the Talkeetna Mountain Range of Alaska! If you want to join us on one of these exciting backpack hunts, make sure to book your spot now. Only a few tags are available every year, so do not miss out! We also offer spring hunts for coastal brown and black bears as well as combination hunts in the fall for moose, mountain goat, wolf, brown and black bear.

> Make sure to let us know if you are interested! Please contact us for more information!



> Once again, we had a successful start to the roebuck season and our hunter took a very nice buck early morning of the second day of the hunt. Make sure to secure your spot for next year already! Do not miss out on these affordable & exciting three-day hunts that can be combined with sightseeing in the beautiful city of Stockholm. A perfect trip for the keen hunter as well as the better half!

> Please contact us for further information regarding these trips!



> In the northern part of the country close to the Etosha Park, we can offer you some great plains game hunting in vast and beautiful terrain. You can take numerous species during the same trip and also combine this with some dangerous game hunts for leopard, cheetah, lion and hyena! Certain species, like the Damara Dik-Dik and the Hartman's Mountain Zebra, can only be found and hunted here! Our lodge caters to individuals as well as bigger groups and affordable plains game package deals are available.

> Contact us for further information, prices, dates, etc!



> We are now also offering exciting hunts in very remote areas of the Central African Republic! If you are looking for the ultimate adventure on the African continent, join us on one of these thrilling hunts for Lord Derby Eland, Bongo, Leopard, Lion, Savannah Buffalo, Roan, Sitatunga, Red River and Giant Forest Hog as well as many other very interesting plains game species! You can combine both savannah and forest species on the same hunt with this outstanding outfitter in his well-managed concessions!

> Please contact us for further information on these hunts!

Make sure to check out some footage from our hunts by following this link JR HUNTING on YouTube Soon there will be fresh hunting videos available here also!

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We look forward to hearing from you!
See you guys in the bush

Yogi Rausch