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Newsletter # 03 (2012)

Hi folks

And welcome to the third JR Hunting Newsletter!

The fall hunting season in the northern hemisphere is now well underway and many of you are already out there chasing and stalking their desired trophies. Here at JR Hunting we have had a very successful start of the fall season with one of our clients from the US harvesting a big old roebuck on his first hunting trip to Sweden! We have attached his picture as well as his comment here below so you guys can see what he thought of his trip:

Thank you for a great time!
It's not common to have a non-hunting spouse accompany aJR Hunting Sweden roebuck hunting partner on a hunt and have HER give rave reviews. We both had the hunt/tour of a lifetime. The country, scenery, people, hunting area were exceptional. Your expertise of the area, culture, game was greatly appreciated by the both of us. The amount and quality of roe deer was a pleasant experience. Lorraine can't get over how great of a time we had because of you and your family! Again, thank you!
If you need me to talk to anyone who is contemplating a roe deer hunt in Sweden with you, PLEASE give them my name and contact information.
Thanks for a truly unique experience!

Joe & Lorraine (New Jersey, USA)

So if any of you feel like hunting in Sweden in the future, make sure to contact us for further information! (please click here to get to our contact form)

Now that the end of summer is here bringing cooler temperatures and the leaves have begun to change colors, bull elk have started bugling in Canada. With the moose rut not being too far away either, we are getting ready to head up to north-eastern British Columbia with some of our clients in order to hunt for big bull elk, majestic trophy moose, black bears as well as wolves! We will keep you guys posted on how we do for sure :)

Even though many of you will be out there hunting at the moment, some of you might not have decided yet on where to go hunting this fall. For those of you who haven't, please check out this package deal we have available in South Africa:

South Africa

SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL: 6 day plains game hunt guided 2 onJR Hunting South Africa kudu 1 in the Limpopo Province for 6,400 US$ per person including 1 kudu, 1 zebra, 1 warthog & 1 impala per hunter! Make sure to inquire about our accompanied hunting trip for up to 8 hunters scheduled for the first half of November this year!

> for more information regarding our South Africa hunts click here!

Also, remember that now is a good time to start looking into your hunting adventures for next year. If you haven't hunted bears before, make sure to check out these offers we have lined up for you for the coming spring season:


6 day spring black bear hunt in the beautiful BritishJR Hunting BC black bear Columbia guided 2 on 1 starting at 3,900 US$ per person including tags, licenses, taxes and 1 trophy black bear! If you bring a group of 4 hunters, a second black bear can be harvested for only the cost of the tag!

> for more information regarding our British Columbia hunts click here!


Come and experience the last frontier on a 12 day springJR Hunting Alaska brown bear hunt for brown bear starting at 18,500 US$ including 1 trophy brown bear!

> for more information regarding our Alaska hunts click here!


Of course do we also have many more destinations and hunts that we offer around the globe. So please feel free to visit our website www.jrhunting.com for some more inspiration regarding your future hunting trips!

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We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Happy hunting!

Yogi Rausch