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Newsletter # 02 (2012)


Hi folks

And welcome to the second JR Hunting Newsletter!

We have recently returned home from some very successful hunting seasons down under where our clients managed to harvest some impressive trophies in both New Zealand and Australia! Now back in the northern hemisphere opening day of the Swedish roebuck season is not far away and many of us will soon be out in the woods stalking those illusive little critters. We figured this would be a good time to send out our next newsletter and hope that you will find some inspiration for your future hunting trips in this second issue!

Below you will find some of our quality hunts worldwide, please check them out!



> 6 day spring black bear hunt in the beautiful British Columbia guided 2JR Hunting Newsletter British Columbia moose hunt on 1 starting at 3,900 US$ per person including tags, licenses, taxes and 1 trophy black bear! If you bring a group of  4 hunters, a second black bear can be hunted for only the cost of the tag!
> 10 day combination hunts for moose, mountain goat and black bear starting at 14,000 US$ including tags, licenses, taxes and 3 trophy animals!

> for more information regarding our British Columbia hunts click here!


South Africa

> SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL: 6 day plains game hunts guided 2 on 1 in the Limpopo ProvinceJR Hunting Newsletter South Africa plains game hunt for 6,400 US$ per person including 1 kudu, 1 zebra, 1 warthog & 1 impala per hunter! We have an accompanied hunting trip for up to 8 hunters scheduled for November this year, so come join us!

> for more information regarding our South Africa hunts click here!


New Zealand

> 7 day combination hunt for red stag, tahr & chamois on theJR Hunting Newsletter New Zealand tahr hunt breathtaking South Island of New Zealand starting at 13,100 US$ including 1 red stag up to 330 SCI points, 1 tahr, 1 chamois as well as the daily rates!

> for more information regarding our New Zealand hunts click here!



> 9 day plains game safari with 6 full hunting days guided 2 on 1 starting at 4,265 US$ perJR Hunting Newsletter Namibia plains game hunt person including 1 zebra, 1 warthog, 1 springbuck, 1 oryx per hunter! Come and experience the beautiful and game-rich northern Namibia with our trusted outfitter in his comfortable lodge and his wast hunting area!

> for more information regarding our Namibia hunts click here!



> 7 day Northern Territory water buffalo hunt guided 2 on 1 for 8,000JR Hunting Newsletter Australia buffalo hunt US$ including 5 full hunting days and 1 trophy buffalo!

> for more information regarding our Australia hunts click here!



> Come and experince the last frontier on a 12 day spring or fall hunt for brown bear starting at 18,500 US$JR Hunting Newsletter Alaska brown bear hunt including 1 trophy brown bear!
> Also available are 7 day hunts for Dall sheep starting at 12,500 US$ including 1 trophy Dall sheep ram!

> for more information regarding our Alaska hunts click here!


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We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Happy hunting!

Yogi Rausch

JR Hunting Newsletter British Columbia moose