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Newsletter # 01 (2012)

Hi fellow hunters and welcome to the first JR Hunting Newsletter!

As many of you might have noticed already, our new website is now finished! We are very happy to have the site up and running and to be honest with you all, we are very happy with the result! Please feel free to check it out at www.jrhunting.com ! For those of you who already have visited our website, we want to thank you for your support and all the positive feedback we have received! We are glad you enjoyed it! But make sure to visit us online again because we have updated some of the information and added some more breathtaking pictures of scenery as well as trophies taken in the field! Also, please do not forget to like JR Hunting on Facebook!

And make sure to stay tuned for the next issue of our JR Hunting Newsletter which will be headed for your inbox very soon filled with special offers and news regarding our operation as well as our destinations!

Somebody wise once said "to travel is to live". We reckon this somebody was a genius! So we want to recommend all of you to combine your travels with hunting and you will enjoy life even more!

Take care for now!
Happy hunting

Yogi Rausch


JR Hunting Newsletter British Columbia moose