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Europe is a large continent rich in traditions and culture as well as a diversity of terrain and pursuable game of all categories offering great hunting adventures for the designated hunter! Whether you are coming to Europe for the first time and want to combine your tourist travels with some hunting activities or are returning for a full-on hunting vacation, the great variety of hunting opportunities in Europe alongside the many beautiful and cultural sights to visit will allow you to choose from a broad spectrum of activities. Due to the many different species huntable in the long list of European countries with varying hunting seasons and climate, at any given time of the year there is always something that can be hunted somewhere in Europe.


In this beautiful and very diverse country with its many different terrains and game species, there are a large number of hunting adventures waiting for you! Even though our main focus lies on spot JR Hunting Swedenand stalk hunts for trophy roebuck starting on the 16th of August during the rut, we can arrange hunts for you in many other areas across Sweden for a number of different species. Apart from the trophy roebuck, we hunt for moose, wild pigs, red deer, fallow deer, roe deer as well as small game species such as hare, fox, rabbit, etc. We also arrange wing shooting activities for waterfowl (ducks & gees) as well as pheasant. Whether you like spot and stalk hunts, big traditional game drives, sitting in a tree-stand or actively hunting with well-trained dogs, we will tailor a hunting package especially for you! In general, the hunts in Sweden are very well organized and conducted in our traditional way of hunting with hunting grounds, accommodation, equipment, personnel as well as the traditional ceremonies being of the highest quality. In addition to the great hunting opportunities, Sweden offers some remarkable sightseeing and touring alternatives that without any trouble can be combined with your hunting schedule.


In the wild tundra of the norwegian Highlands, we hunt for the very elusive and sought-after reindeer (european caribou) in the month of september. The norwegian population of wild reindeer has in the past produced some magnificent trophies and only very few tags for JR Hunting Norwaytrophy bucks are being issued to foreign hunters every year. The big bucks are not easy to get and due to the remote location and extreme habitat as well as the physical work that is involved in this adventure, this hunt is only recommended for the real wilderness and mountain hunter. Accommodation on these hunts is in well-equipped hunting cabins or tents, with the main method of hunting being spot and stalk. There will be a lot of glassing and hiking involved in finding the reindeer and weather conditions vary like on any other wilderness hunt in the highlands. If you feel like this is the adventure you have been looking for, be sure to inquire about more information regarding this hunt right away! In addition to the hunt for trophy reindeer, we can also offer you hunts for other species such as moose, red deer, roe deer, small game as well as game birds. Similar to Sweden, the country of Norway also offers some great sightseeing and touring alternatives that without any trouble can be combined with your hunting schedule.


In this beautiful country on the iberian peninsula, we can offer you a wide variety of hunts for all the different spanish game species. Whether you are looking for trophy hunts for one of the four spanish ibex, red stags, fallow bucks, wild boar, roe bucks, mouflon, wild goat or barbary sheep, our outfitter in Spain will help you stalkJR Hunting Spain your desired pray! If you feel like you want to go all-in and try to pursue the Spanish Slam, we will be more than happy to help and arrange this for you. We only hunt the best private areas and national reserves in the country in order to maintain a very high standard with all the trophies we take. In addition to the trophy hunts for spanish big game species, we also arrange big driven hunts (monterias) for red deer, wild pigs and mouflon as well as wing shooting drives for red-legged partridge and pheasant. These driven hunts are very popular with groups and are well organized with professional beaters, trained dogs and great food! Accommodation on all our spanish hunts is of the highest standards and the traditional spanish cuisine will add an extra touch to the already remarkable experience. With its many old and beautiful sights as well as the diverse terrain and scenic coastline, Spain makes for a great hunting and holiday destination. If you desire, we will make sure to combine your hunting adventures with some relaxed sightseeing and touring as well.

Apart from the destinations mentioned above, we do offer hunts in other parts of Europe also! Due to our many years in the hunting industry as well as the outfitting and guiding business, JR Hunting has managed to establish a broad network of friends and contacts throughout the industry. So if you are looking for a hunting adventure in any part of Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries and we will be happy to assist you with planning your dream hunt! Make sure to also check out our photo gallery with pictures from our various hunts in Europe!