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The remote and rugged wilderness of costal Alaska with its huge mountain ranges, great fjords and spectacular scenery is home to some of North America's most amazing wildlife with incredible trophy potential! The hunting area provides a great habitat for huge bears and giant moose as well as big mountain goats. Stay in comfortable cabins or tented camps while hunting for your desired Alaskan trophy.

Our outfitter in this area has been operating here for more than 25 years and has been providing quality hunting adventures ever since the start. His huge hunting area of JR Hunting Alaska sceneryabout 2,800 square miles is surrounded on three sides by national parks and comprises some of the most spectacular scenery and ruggedly diverse terrain that the Alaskan wilderness has to offer! Huge mountain ranges, large salmon runs and big fjords provide a great environment for exclusive wilderness hunting conditions with outstanding trophy potential. The large salmon runs and rugged terrain make this a very productive brown bear habitat! The hunting here is very selective and only a very limited number of clients will be given a chance to hunt this outstanding area every year.

You will book your flight into Cordova, Alaska where you will be JR Hunting Alaska camppicked up at the airport and transported to our main camp by boat and super cub plane. The hunts will be conducted on foot using boats for transportation and you will stay in comfortable cabins as well as tents for the mountain goat hunts. Our cabins offer you an exclusive wilderness experience with the traditional hunting camp atmosphere where you can enjoy the local scenery, seafood and wildlife after a long day of hunting. Our camps are accessed by air, with boats at each site. This is old Alaska at its finest!

We can offer you both spring and falls hunts with our outfitter here in Alaska. In the spring time, it is all about the bears! Alaska's south-central gulf coastline with its varied and JR Hunting Alaska black bearrugged terrain and scenic natural beauty as well as difficult access and extreme weather is ideal habitat for some of North America's largest brown and black bears! The area's abundant salmon spawning streams, plenty of cover and great genetics provide for excellent trophy potential. Spot and stalk is the method of hunting, with transportation in the field by boat or light aircraft. Most spring hunting is done using a combination of fixed and spike camp accommodations while in the field.

Fall is the time to enjoy nature's bounty and beauty in the North Country! This is when we hunt for big brown and black bears, moose in the rut and big-bodied, long-haired mountain goats. Most of our fall hunting is conducted out of cabins and camps at a relaxed pace. Whether you are calling for moose or stalking brown bears on a salmon stream, this is the way that Alaska was meant to be enjoyed.

The region is also known as a top producer for big-bodied, JR Hunting Alaska mountain goatlong-haired mountain goats. This is a difficult hunt for the active hunter that does not mind a challenge. There is a good opportunity to harvest a trophy black bear as well while in the mountain terrain looking for goats. This is a backpack hunt that involves a lot of hiking and climbing as well as using spike camp accommodations while in the mountains.

All our hunts in Alaska are conducted on a 1 on 1 basis.

The minimum caliber required for brown bear is .338 winchester magnum, with .375 h&h or .416 being excellent choices. One has to remember the amazing toughness that these big bears can display and you really want to make the first shot count when you come face to face with these giant predators in thick vegetation. Our goal JR Hunting Alaska brown bearis to get you as close as is reasonably possible to the animal and then let you make one well-placed shot. Quite often there will not be enough time for a follow-up shot before the bear disappears into the thick bush so you want to make sure to use enough gun when you get a chance! Alaskan hunting conditions almost always mean "wet" weather so make sure to bring a rifle with a good synthetic or composite stock since the field conditions are plain tough on wood! More big bears are taken in the spring compared to the fall. The trophy bears harvested range from 8 foot squared to nearly 11 foot for the largest boars; we are generally looking for bears over 9 foot. The biggest bear taken in this area squared 11 foot 3 inches! We consider our hunter success to be over 80%, looking for a trophy that will square over 9 foot.

The best time to hunt brown bear in the spring time is May and in JR Hunting Alaska moosethe fall September to mid-October. The best time to hunt moose is during the rut in September and depending on weather conditions sometimes until mid-October. The best time to hunt mountain goat is the first half of October. And the best time to hunt black bear in the spring time is May to mid-June and in the fall mid-September to mid-October.

In addition to the species mentioned above, we can also offer you outstanding hunts for Dall Sheep in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. These mountain hunts are physically very demanding and JR Hunting Alaska Dall Sheeptake preparation and determination by both guide and hunter! Our sheep hunting area comprises about 2,400 square miles of sloping as well as rugged mountain terrain and is considered to have a good sheep population with trophy rams averaging 36 inches in horn length and the occasional ram scoring around the 40 inch mark. The Talkeetna mountain range has produced some very good rams and our clients' success rate on these hunts has been at 90%! You will book your flight to Anchorage, Alaska where you will be picked up at the airport and flown into the hunting area by bush plane. These backpack-style sheep hunts are conducted in August of every year and scheduled for 7 hunting days with the hunter and guide staying in tents high up in sheep country!

In order for you to bring your firearm to Alaska from abroad you will need a firearms declaration form which JR Hunting will provide for you along with all the paperwork and information necessary to make this a successful trip.

We can only recommend you to come and hunt with us in the beautiful wilderness of costal Alaska and enjoy the rugged scenery, great service and tremendous hunting adventures that the outfitter has to offer! Just as much as we at JR Hunting are committed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, our partner in Alaska will take excellent care of you as a client and your trophies until shipping.

So if you are interested in a hunt with us in Alaska, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on prices, accompanied hunting trips and available hunting dates! Do not forget to check out more pictures from our Alaska hunting adventures in the JR Hunting photo gallery!